12 Days

12 Days

12 Days New Product Focus

12 Days ” started in a shoe box more than 14 years ago!  In the 90’s I lived, studied, and practiced Ayurveda and Yoga in India.  I studied with several masters and with different schools.  In India, I quickly came to realise that Yoga is not just the study of asana (postures) or pranayama (breathing).  Yoga is concerned with the quality of the food that you ate, the quality of the water that you drink, the quality of your mental chatter, the ‘inner dialogue,’ the quality of relationship that you have with yourself and the quality of relationship that you have with others.  In the final analysis, everything that you choose to put into your body has an effect not just on your mind, but on the world around you.

When I returned to Europe, based on the above principles and influences,  I devised the 28 Day Mind & Body Transformation plan, initially for my private One on One clients.  I witnessed their lives changing noticeably for the better. Soon after, my group classes became interested in the program, and then the Press became interested in the programme.  To make it more accessible to a broader audience I changed the program to a 12 Day program, and called it the ’12 Day Urban Detox.’  At the same time everybody seemed to jump on the detoxification bandwagon – you could have ‘detox’ teabags, ‘detox’ footpads, ‘detox’ anything you like!

Knowing that true detoxification can really only take place at the level of the human gut and bowel, I changed the name of the product to Mind&BodyCleanse™ !!  During this period, and in response to the many of you who tried the programme, I altered the delicate balance of the formulations, and ingredients to create what we now have before us – “ 12 Days ”

“12 Days” now replaces Mind&BodyCleanse™ – and with its new subtle reformulation you take less pills!!  We say hello to our unique strength “Hello Aloe” – brimming with anti-oxidants and anti ageing properties, and “Super Absorb” is our new advanced formula that removes waste matter from your digestive system, and helps to rejuvenate every organ and cell in your body to return it to a balanced state. “12 Days” now comes with a 12 Day Menu guide that is gluten free – perfect for Coeliac – so you will always know what you should be eating and when!

So there we have it, in my experience creating something is neither straightforward nor easy – but it has certainly been worth it – “ 12 Days ” has evolved naturally and organically, according to life’s own natural rhythms, cycles, and its many challenges!

Together with “12 Days”, we have now created a new range of everyday products which we will be looking at in our forthcoming newsletters.

“12 Days” will change the way you think and feel about what you are putting in to your body on an ongoing basis. It will help to kick start a new you and help you to break some unhealthy lifestyle habits.

I am passionate about a healthy body both on the inside and the outside. My intention is to get you thinking differently about your relationship with food and drink and how you look after your body on an ongoing basis. After all, you only have one body which is a truly awesome system that should be treated with respect. Prepare to be amazed by the results!

If you have any health concerns, please discuss them with a health practitioner before starting the programme.

For further details please click here: 12 days

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  • Lauren Keane
    Posted at 13:08h, 13 July Reply

    All I can say is this is my third time doing this cleanse and it is absolutely amazing and does 100% give results if you are strict and stick to it. I lost 5kgs in my first round and my tummy was so flat and I felt absolutely amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to cleanse their body and it is on 12 days!!

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