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Chris James Mind Body is a premium holistic health & well being brand that offers a 360 degree natural solution to achieving optimum levels of wellness year round.
Our product range, including our signature product “12 Days” Cleanse is stocked at Harrods, QVC shopping, Wholefoods markets, EFMedispa, and

To educate and facilitate life style changes in our customers. To enhance our customer’s quality of life, and to enrich our customer’s experience of longevity, through undertaking a Mind Body Cleanse approach to Living.


Chris James is a London based Health & Wellness Expert. Chris was recently voted as one of the TOP-10 Yoga teachers in the UK in The Evening Standard, and is BWY certified. He has trained at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai and in Rishikesh India.
In 2000, when on holiday in London, he was randomly assaulted and had his neck broken and dislocated. To recover, he used the yogic techniques that he had learnt in India; understanding first hand at how powerful yogic teachings could be, he developed a uniquely soulful and spirited style of practice guiding students to approach their own practice with integrity and joy. His style is intuitive and insightful, and he puts his sensitivity as a teacher down to a strong one-on-one approach.
His ’12Days cleanse’ was born out of his desire to share with others the mandate for creating a robust mind and body and optimal health. The 12Days Cleanse started its life in a shoe box, and his product range is now stocked at premium outlets across the world, including Harrods, Wholefoods markets, QVC Shopping,, EFMedispa, and leading retailers.
Our Founder teaches privately to high-end and high-profile clients and runs Clean Breaks, workshops and masterclasses across the world.

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