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All ARCH Therapy members are entitled to 20% discount on Mind Body Cleanse Workshops held across UK & Europe…

After every Mind Body Cleanse workshop that I deliver, I am left with a room full of workshop attendees, who are desperate to find their local ARCH therapist for arch Therapy!

Why?  because as a Yogi and self appointed Ambassador for Colonic Health across the UK and Europe, I know that real health begins in the bowel, and I prime all of my workshop attendees very well indeed…until after 3 / 4 hours of Yoga, lecture presentation, discussion, juice tasting it all starts to make very good sense.

We are frankly shocked at the lack of understanding of bowel health that exists even in health conscious communities, and there is a huge education gap that we are attempting to bridge.

With your help we can make a difference…

Our Mind Body Cleanse workshops help to knit Yoga & health conscious communities together, in particular accessing new markets.  So, this workshop would almost certainly interest some of your clients too!

How do you get involved?

Simply view the events page here, and see if we are running a Mind&Body Cleanse workshop near you.  Remember ARCH members themselves are entitled to a 20% discount.

See you soon…

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