Cleanse the Mind

Cleanse the Mind ?

Cleanse the Mind ? What is not always visible…

How often do you wash your body, brush your teeth, floss, or get your haircut?

How often do you consciously cleanse your liver, stomach, small intestine, spleen, and your blood?

We often take care of what is visible to us is, and what is behind the scenes, in the closet, out of sight becomes out of mind…

What I love about cleansing is the conscious connection that it creates between what we put into our body and how we feel, mentally, physically and emotionally. This then translates into everything in our lives; our environment, thoughts, and emotions – what  manifests as our life.

To help support your mind during a cleanse you can follow these suggestions:

1) Daily meditation

To help cleanse the mind during your cleanse, the practice of meditation has the purpose of clearing out the subconscious garbage of our chattering minds. Sitting quietly focussing on the breath may possibly be one of the most challenging things for us to do because there is nowhere to go and we are left with the constant chatter of the mind.  A daily practice, even if it is just 5-10 minutes has great value in establishing a relaxed state and releasing the build up of mental toxins.

2) Unplug

Are you addicted to checking your phone or e-mails, texting or tweeting? Perhaps you wouldn’t say you have an addiction but can you imagine a day or more without being plugged in to anything electronic? So much of our mind gets cluttered up with external stimulation, information and advertising. We are literally consumed by technology and information daily. During your cleanse, unplug. See how much time opens up for you in a day and how you feel without being on call 24/7.

3) Journal

Keeping a journal is a fantastic way to clear out mental clutter and also gives you a voice to express anything that you’re feeling. Write continuously without lifting the pen from the page. Don’t think too much about what you’re writing, just let your thoughts flow onto the page even if they don’t make sense. You will begin to lighten up mentally and emotionally!

4) Spring clean!

Yep, good old-fashioned cleaning of your home will make you feel great! Once you are done, smudge your space to clear out any old energy. You can do this with sage or any natural incense that you love. Mindfully walk through your home and direct the smoke into the corners and throughout the room to cleanse the environment.

5) Relaxation

The antidote to stress is conscious relaxation. In Yoga we call this savasana or corpse pose. Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep is another deeply relaxing practice.  Take some time everyday to lie down on your back on a firm surface with palms facing up and legs about 18 inches apart. Close your eyes and take slow, calm and steady abdominal breaths in and out through your nose.

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