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Human health across the world is deteriorating as evidenced by the increased incidences of cancer, heart disease, liver infection, respiratory ailments, and nervous disorders. Degenerative illnesses that a century ago rarely manifested except in the weak and elderly have now become everyday conditions in the adult population, and sometimes even in the young.

The root cause of the above is due in part to the use of preservatives and additives in our food and the consumption of ‘food like’ products, hectic lifestyles, chemically-contaminated air and water, and the use of medical drugs.

Sadly, this cannot be corrected by modern drugs or western invasive surgery: The one and only way to counteract self-toxification is by adopting a cleaner lifestyle.

Maintaining good digestive health is key. The gut is our elimination system and the seat of our ability to function healthily. If this works well, we are healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit. If it is not functioning well the body – and the mind and spirit – are prone to ill health affecting our whole lives.

It is folly to start a new dietary course / lifestyle until you have got rid of the years of accumulated and toxic debris from your previous dietary habits. Our body’s natural cleansing mechanisms are not designed to deal with this unnatural mess – it requires special methods to eliminate it.

The 12 Days Cleanse is central to restoring gut health and will kick-start your body, resulting in clearer skin, more energy and a leaner shape. Our signature 12 Days Cleanse is the start of a happier and healthier you; the 12 day cleanse is just the beginning.

Cleansing the body is an important preliminary step in yoga. Whatever pollutes the body pollutes the mind, whatever pollutes the mind pollutes the spirit; and by cleaning the bowels we repair not just the mind and the body but also our spiritual relationships.

Practice Makes perfect

After all, we are not only what we eat, but We are what we can absorb and assimilate

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