Dog Yoga

Doga Anybody?

Doga Anybody?


I love dogs, and I especially love new private students.  But when I am told Bunty (Bunty is not our Portugese water dog’s real name – to protect the dog’s identity of course) will stop barking at any moment and lose interest in our yoga session, I believe my new student.

I sit down cross legged, my new client sits down in front of me, and Bunty sits in between us and looks at me.  I can’t see my new student as Bunty is totally obscuring our view and I gesture to Bunty to move out of the way – Ggrrrr!  It’s ok, Bunty will lose interest soon, I am comforted.

Bunty did not lose interest at all,  in fact not for one minute during our session. He continuously growled at my Yoga breathing and when I demonstrated Kapalabhati, which involves short powerful forceful diagrammatic exhalations he lurched at me and knocked me flat.

“Oh Bunty, you are silly!”

Doga, anybody?”

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