Dynamic morning sequence


The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara) is a great dynamic morning sequence.

The Sun Salutation is an important building block in yoga as it combines a number of key poses. For the first Sun Salutation of the day, take a few extra breaths in each pose to allow your body to warm up.

There are a couple of variations on the ancient Sun Salutation sequence (version A and version B – see below). Both versions include modifications of the breath.

This dynamic set of 12 asanas encapsulates the essence of yoga – it’s great cardio workout and is effective for toning the body all over.

In its complete form, the Sun Salutation should be done with sequenced breathing:


Version A – beginners Step-by-step technique


  1. Bring your hands into prayer pose
  2. Inhale. Draw your arms upwards to the sky
  3. Exhale, fold forwards
  4. Inhale the breath, right leg draws back
  5. Exhale to Downward-Facing Dog
  6. Hold breath, knees to floor
  7. Inhale, Cobra
  8. Exhale breath. Downward-Facing Dog

























  1. Inhale breath, right leg forward
  2. Exhale, left foot to left hand
  3. Inhale, arms to sky
  4. Exhale, hands return to prayer pose.


Version B – intermediate Step-by-step technique


  1. Bring your hands into prayer pose
  2. Inhale, Draw your arms upwards to the sky
  3. Exhale, fold forwards
  4. Hold the breath, right leg draws back
  5. Inhale to Downward-Facing Dog
  6. Exhale, knees to floor
  7. Inhale, Cobra
  8. Hold breath, Downward-Facing Dog
  9. Hold breath, right leg forward
  10. Exhale left foot to left hand
  11. Inhale, arms to sky
  12. Exhale, hands return to prayer pose.

Practise 12 rounds on either side, alternating your right and left leg.

This will help you zip through the rest of the day with a high that is incomparable. And you will find that you can complete 12 rounds (24 sets, meaning 288 asanas!) in 10–15 minutes as you become more physically fit, your metabolism increases for the duration of the day; as does your ability to get toned!

Traditionally, Sun Salutation is best performed outdoors, facing east.

Contraindications and cautions


You should not practise the Sun Salutation if you suffer from high blood pressure, coronary artery diseases, or if you have had a stroke, as it may overstimulate or damage a weak heart or blood-vessel system. You should also be very careful if you have a bad back. If you have a slipped disc or sciatica try a less-vigorous sequence, but take advice from an expert.

Your body should now be sufficiently warmed up for some further poses.

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