Beautiful Skin from within this Christmas in two easy steps

This Christmas, we have developed a special gift set that not only nourishes your skin from within, but also detoxifies and moisturises the skin as well.




The Gift set has been developed in response to the many skincare queries that we get asked, especially at this time of year, with the festivities upon us!


To make the most of our special Christmas Gift Set, there are two easy steps to follow, the first being internal and ingestible and the second external for bathtimes.


Beautiful skin Step 1. Internal:


  • Take TWO x capsules of our 16-strain 30 billion “Brilliant Biotic” probiotic daily for ONE month .  Our probiotic will help to create balance in your gut that will have positive effect on your largest organ: your skin. We recommend our “Brilliant Biotic” because it has a higher concentration of probiotics that work at different levels of your gut.


  • Take 8 drops per day of our inner leaf Aloe Vera Gel “Hello Aloe”, along with the probiotic.  It will help your digestive system in repairing damaged internal tissues. We recommend “Hello Aloe” because it has a higher nutrient concentration and is filleted by hand without any industrial processing.


Beautiful skin Step 2. External:


  • Take a bath with our unique detoxifying himalayan rock salt “Buddhi Bath” with essential oils. It will help to detoxify your body, releasing impurities from your skin.
  • Use “Hello Aloe” as a moisturiser after your bath or shower, which is perfect for sensitive skin types.


Check out our beautifully packaged Gift Set for yourself or for a special person you love. It contains everything that you need to achieve beautiful skin from within this Christmas!!

iconic gift set

To purchase the Christmas Gift Set, please click here:


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  • Katerina Smith
    Posted at 20:32h, 15 December Reply

    Hi! I am very interested in the Christmas gift set. I think it’s the perfect gift for my friend who is in health and nutrition. Can you explain a bit more the connection between skin and gut? Thanks 🙂

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