In our health and wellness workshops and master classes we share our unique 360 degree natural solution to achieving optimum health and wellness year round.
More than just Yoga workshops – we look at your mind and body health in a wider context. Typically, presentations, discussions, and lectures on gut health, aspects of nutrition, including delicious recipes, and healing foods are explored together with specialist Mind Body Cleanse physical practices. This section of the workshop will go onto explore how Yoga, or more specifically asana (exercise) and pranayama (breathing) can aid the body in the cleansing process by encouraging lymph drainage and increasing blood flow, thus facilitating the elimination of metabolic toxins through the excretory pathways of the body, like the liver, kidney, skin and lungs.
By the end of the workshop, everybody will have a tried and tested self nurturing toolkit for maintaining optimum health to the whole system year round.

Mind Body Cleanse workshops help to knit yoga & health conscious communities together: Check out our Events Page here

Health & Wellness Workshops

Check out our site here for a range of Masterclasses and Retreats across the UK and beyond.

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