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For the complete healthy lifestyle try one of our great products, or be inspired on one of our worldwide Clean Break Retreats.
We have teamed up with the world’s best and most renown spas including Champneys, and the Ananda Spa in India to offer you the ultimate all inclusive experience in health and well being. From a weekend to a fortnight. The number of guests on every retreat is strictly limited.
We run MIND BODY GUT DETOX WEEKENDS at CHAMPNEYS Forest Mere in Hampshire.
Whether you want to improve your overall health and lifestyle and currently lack motivation, or just lose a spare tyre because of a poor diet, our 3-day mind body gut breaks, are safe, easy and great ways to feel fantastic and kick-start your mind and body in optimal health.
In our Mind Body Gut Detox weekends we give you the tools to help you to live your Biological Age! And, Paying heed to the natural biorhythms of the seasons is central to achieving optimal health & Wellness in your everyday life.
In our Mind Body Gut Detox weekend you will learn to heal your gut, lose excess weight, recharge your batteries and feel radiant and alive.
Whether your goal is to heal your gut, lose weight or beat chronic fog and fatigue, the Mind Body Gut Detox weekend is for you! It’s simple, straightforward and – most importantly – effective. You’ll harness the full power of a specialist physical mind body cleanse practice, with lifestyle tips, and come to understand its healing power and put it into practice with the use of herbs and supplementation, eating seasonally, designed specifically to help you feel your best.

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