For the body to function properly, it is important to maintain the correct balance of acidity versus alkalinity. The human body has a PH of about 7.3 / 7.4 or about the same as sea water.
Therefore the basic dietary principle for a healthy life is to reduce acid forming foods and replace with simple alkaline ones that require the least amount of energy to digest. The basic rule is to eat as much fresh, organic, raw fruit and vegetables as possible. Raw foods are bursting with active enzymes, which are vital to a healthy diet. Delivering vitamins, minerals and antioxidants straight to the body rebuilds and rebalances the entire system.

If you are using the 12DAYS Cleanse or our 3R programme, you may experience cravings for your pre-cleanse everyday foods so try to be creative to make the meals interesting whilst sticking to the food guidelines. When you are cleansing however remember: what you DON’T eat is more important than what you DO eat.
To help, check out our for some inspiration. You would never believe that eating healthily can taste so good!

Check out some amazing recipes in the blog!

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