Men’s skincare routine: a growing trend for the new generation

Every November, the world celebrates Mens Health Month. And this week celebrates Self Care Week Nov 12 – Nov 18.

Men’s skincare is becoming very popular, especially among the younger generation. It has been well documented in the press and media that the upward growing trend in male grooming is here to stay. More men than ever are now following their own skincare regimens and purchasing skin care products en masse.

Following are some easy skin care steps that need not cost the earth, and are not too time consuming either:

Men's skincare routine

Understanding your skin type:


  • Normal: your skin is neither oily nor dry. It does not get irritated either.
  • Oily: your skin has a natural shine, and sometimes acne can appear because the pores are prone to obstruction.
  • Dry: your skin is characterised by a lack of moisture and it appears dull. This can cause lack in skin elasticity.
  • Sensitive: your skin gets easily irritated and it can itch or burn. You may experience skin changes such as peeling, redness, scaling, and dryness.
  • Mixed: the T-zone, (forehead, nose, and the chin) are oily. However, the cheeks are very sensitive.


When you know your skin type, it’s important to follow these three easy steps:



Wash your face twice a day, morning and evening, in order to eliminate all impurities. We recommend using a soap made from natural ingredients. For example, there are soaps that contain Aloe Vera that are good for all types of skin, because the nutrients found in Aloe vera help you to find a natural balance in your skin.

A good piece of advice is to take a shower in order to open the pores, wash your face with soap. Afterwards, wash your face with cold water to close the pores.




Exfoliation is another important step in your shaving routine.  For a great exfoliation recipe with “Buddhi Bath” our detoxifying Himalayan salt, check out, This recipe helps you to remove dead skin and cleanse your face from any impurities. It also soften the shave, making the process smoother.




After washing and exfoliating your skin, we recommend applying a moisturiser on your face, especially around the eyes, on your forehead and on your cheeks. Studies have shown that men have oilier skin than women do, so the cream will not absorb as well as for women. For this reason, we suggest applying a thinner layer otherwise your skin will be too oily. Try a few drops of “Hello Aloe” on your face after your shave.  Not only does Hello aloe moisturise the skin it cools the skin too!


These are few tips for you that make your life easier without spending a lot of time.


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