Mind Body Cleanse Workshop

Mind Body Cleanse Workshop Tour

Mind Body Cleanse Workshop tour !!

I have just returned after a fantastic Summer tour of England, Ireland, Scotland and the Channel Islands.  I rode 3,150 miles and taught two very memorable workshops at Yoga Dublin and Balance in Glasgow.  I am pretty exhausted, but am so pleased that the workshops got a great sell out reception!


As a Yogi, I know all too well that real health begins in the gut, and in 3 / 4 hours of Yoga, lecture presentation, discussion, juice tasting it all starts to make a great deal of sense!

I am frankly shocked at the basic lack of knowledge and understanding of gut health that exists even in health conscious communities.  There is a huge education gap that I am in the process of bridging…

The Mind Body Cleanse workshops help to knit Yoga & health conscious communities together, I am so pleased that you joined us on tour to see what all the fuss is about…

Yorkshire Yoga

Calderdale Yoga


Yoga Dublin

Balance Yoga Glasgow

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