Yoga, One on One, Masterclasses, Foundation Courses. Our Mind Body Cleanse approach is unique – You will experience a full range of postures, breath work, and relaxation in our sessions.

As we have become increasingly more civilized, we have become distanced from our physical bodies. To a lesser or greater extent, we have lost our connection with the rhythm of life and have forgotten how to listen to our instinctual self.

Research has shown that exercise is good for your heart, for building lean muscle, for improving metabolism, and for balancing your mood and lowering stress hormones. New science is showing that for many, exercise means going to the gym for 45 minutes three times a week, with a mix of treadmill, and high resistance weight training. Unfortunately, this approach is unenlightened in the long term, as it will over stress your joints, split muscle fibre, with resulting scar tissue.

What is needed is a varied approach to movement, and we show you how Mind Body Cleanse, which is our system of intelligent movement can help you to connect to your mind body and gut. It is hoped that with the research that we have put into our poses and sequences you will experience a different way of moving and relating to your mind, body, and internal organs that will help you tune in to what is good for you.

Our Mind Body Cleanse sequences connect us to the inner knowing of things that are not learned but an innate part of us, encoded in our DNA. Our instinctual nature…

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