The state of meditation occurs when the fluctuations of the mind-stuff have ceased, and the spaces between your thoughts increases. Through Mind Training you come to understand that the outside world is your projection, and is based on your thoughts and mental attitude.

Meditation is particularly useful if your levels of concentration tend to be poor. However, as you develop your meditation practice, and as meditation unplugs your mind into higher and more creative levels, it gives access to the collective unconscious, involving non-sequential thoughts, non-logical levels of perception, and discoveries about your internal landscape.

Throughout human history, such states have prompted great creativity, including new discoveries in art, music and science and you may find that you become more creative too.

Meditation holds great potential benefits for your overall health and longevity and “sitting still and doing nothing” is a great way to give your mind a complete rest. However, you may find that you need to focus on practice before you see results!

After you have commenced a regular programme of meditation you may start to appreciate how difficult it is to calm down and silence the internal dialogue that clutters consciousness and you will learn how to manage, or even tranquilize, the “playful monkey” of the mind. Ten to twenty minutes of deep, uninterrupted meditation can leave the spirit clear and bright and make the churning ocean of your mind as serene and peaceful as a mountain lake.

Meditation and Mind Training is for inner-peace seekers or anyone who wants to taste a quiet, non-chattering mind.  For further reading visit our blog, and to arrange one on one, group classes, or your business email us at

Mind Training

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