Had Descartes looked a little more deeply when he said “I think, therefore I am,” he would have realised that what he meant to say is “I am. Therefore I think.”

The mind itself is like a muscle – the controlling system that allows us to direct every aspect of our lives, and the energy within. It consists of passions, emotions and impulses and is full of positives and negatives, likes and dislikes – it is also holds the source of our potential.

The gentle art of meditation is a powerful and effective way of controlling the whole body and it can be the first step towards allowing us to gain control over the overall structure of the brain and the mind.

There is nothing mysterious or magical about meditation. It is precise, practical and effective an exercise for the mind as push-ups are for the body and breathing is for energy.

The effects of meditation are cumulative, like a deposit account. You can draw from it whenever you need to. Every time you meditate, you practice putting your mind in charge of body and breath, rather than permitting the body and breath to call the shots, as you would in normal, everyday activities. The results of meditation practice eventually spill out into ordinary activities. For example, you’ll find it easier to control your diet and nutrition after starting the practice of meditation. By being mindful of what you choose to eat, you make a decision about the kind of inner world you want to live in:

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