One Minute Yoga – tight hamstrings?  

Whether you are a runner, cyclist, or athlete, chances are that you suffer from over tight hamstrings.   If you are a man however, chances are that your hamstrings are tighter than women folk.  And this is a legacy from our hunter gatherer evolutionary origins.

So,  to help you loosen your hamstrings and leg musculature, please watch the following video and visit our blog this month for some free tutorials and some One-Minute-Yoga.

Here is my favourite hamstring opener. What I like about this stretch is that it is very simple and it focuses directly on the hamstrings.

Step by Step

Lie on your back with your knees drawn into your chest.

Place a strap around the heel of your right foot, holding the two sides of the strap with each of your hands. Keep the arms long.

Slowly, without forcing or straining, start to extend your right leg toward the ceiling. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go straight; just keep gently pressing into your heel and drawing the ends of the strap toward yourself with the exhalation. Give yourself enough length on the strap so that it remains taut but your shoulders and back of your head remain comfortable rather than hunching up towards your foot.

Do this stretch every evening for a couple of minutes on each side.

Practice 12 cycles of breath (1 cycle = 1 inhalation + 1 exhalation) on either leg.

Men traditionally have tight hamstrings, so as a beginner to Yoga it’s important to practice this sequence before your practice.







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