Private One on One Yoga Tuition for Optimum Health
Our approach teaches you how to care for your inner self in a number of ways, which all build and work with each other: cleansing diet, yoga asanas, and mindfulness practices.
Our system of intelligent movement Mind Body Cleanse focuses particularly on twists, inversions and backbends, which are especially useful in cleansing and healing. You can create your own practice by picking out a regime that suits your own health issue requirements.
That said, you will experience a full range of postures — alignment for postural integrity, core strength, breath work, meditation and relaxation in our sessions. We have a strong one on one approach, and apply our knowledge of Yoga, diet and lifestyle to the individual, rather than the individual to the Yoga. This is the traditional Master / Pupil model, and how all Yoga used to be taught and passed down from generation to generation.
So, if you are looking for a bespoke and structured approach to your health and well being with guaranteed results this approach is best. One on one is the personalised application of mind body cleanse techniques; postures, breathwork, meditation and nutritional advice to fit the current needs of the individual. We have helped busy professionals, sportspeople, and artists achieve optimum levels of health and vitality and the convalescing recover their health.

If you are interested in One on One tuition, please contact us at and tell us about the issues that you would like to address, and how you think that we may be able to help you?

One On One Yoga

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