12 Days Cleanse – Kick start your new health regime


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More than just a body detox – 12Days body cleanse is a complete program of blood and tissue regeneration, that combines the benefits of dietary guidance, mouth watering recipes, and optimally enhanced high quality internal cleansers, which work to rejuvenate each and every organ, gland and tissue in the body, right down to the very last cell.


12Days is also a good gut-healing protocol.


Over the years 12 Days Cleanse has helped many people who have lacked the willpower to kick bad habits, and those who have overindulged and under-exercised.  Please read the product reviews in this section, so that you can decide whether 12 Days is for you.


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“By the end of the 12 DAYS, I felt full of ENERGY, and I had a CLEAR MIND, and I managed a full on week of designing WITHOUT BEING TIRED! This was so AMAZING, as I would usually struggle with fatigue and the demands that are placed on me at this time of year…”


We are 100% confident that “12Days” does everything that it says on the tin!


Melissa Odabash, Millie Mackintosh, Sadie Frost, Natasha Kaplinsky, are all huge fans of “12Days” Cleanse

Kick start your new health regime, cleansing detox diet for your body, helps weight loss, increases energy, feel less bloated & glow with confidence!


“ I would recommend 12 Days to anyone who feels that they have over indulged lately and would like to kick start a healthy regime. I have come out of it with my skin tighter, increased energy, my skin glowing, and a happy mind!”
Millie Mackintosh, Made in Chelsea


Brought to you by our Founder Chris James, “12Days” is the ultimate detox cleanse diet that will leave you noticeably more toned, healthier, radiantly alive and glowing with confidence. “12Days” has been used by thousands of our customers to transform their lives for the better since 2004.


Please see the reviews below to get a sense of what a great detox diet it is.


Whether you do 12Days for a sense of inner wellbeing or just because you want to shift a few pounds in a limited space of time – it’s easy to fit in and around your normal day-to-day life. Prepare to be amazed by the results! Kick start your new health regime to:


  • Drop a dress size
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Glowing skin & sparkling eyes
  • Mental clarity
  • Sound, refreshing sleep
  • Kick bad habits!


12Days Cleanse is divided into four distinct phases, with an inbuilt preparation phase.  To make the most of your detox programme, you will need to plan ahead for the Power Phase (days 7 – 9), making sure that this stage is undertaken in a period of relative calm, i.e. when you haven’t got 10 back to back meetings! A weekend or a quieter time should be ideal. The Programme divides into four easy to follow quarters or phases:


Preparation Phase (Day 1-3)
Preparation is the key to a successful cleanse!  Make sure that your kitchen is replete with fresh and vegetables and fruit!


Pre-Purification Phase (Day 4-6)
The detox plan is streamlined to condition the body for optimum cleansing.


Power Phase (Day 7-9)
This is the liquid part of the cleanse – smoothies, juices, and soups to optimise your [detox]


Maintenance Phase (Day 10-12)
Aaah! Return to solid food.  Your system has been given a full service by eliminating a vast amount of toxic waste – your eyes will be clear and sparkling, your skin glowing, your mind refreshed and your energy levels increased…you will feel amazing!


12Days Cleanse is far from a starvation diet!   It comes complete with a gluten free menu guide with delicious detox recipes, like Sweet potato and Berlotti Bean Stew (so you always know what you should be eating and when), optimally enhanced formulations of the highest quality, tips and guidance. Our customer consistently say that 12Days natural detox and body cleanse creates a healthy template in their lives.


For optimum levels of health and fitness we recommend doing 3 – 4 12Days Cleanses every year, to keep up with the natural changes in the biorhythms of nature; Spring, Summer and Autumn.


“12Days” and our product range is stocked at Harrods, QVC UK, Wholefoods markets, Naturismo and many others. We would love you to try the 12Day experience and feel the wonderful benefits of this best detox cleanse!


*All of our products are free from wheat, yeast, starch, gluten, lactose, soy, added colourings, sweeteners and preservatives.  Suitable for vegetarians, we use Organic ingredients whenever possible.


*DISCLAIMER:  Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.  The information provided on this site does not constitute medical advice. If in doubt before using any of the food supplements you should seek medical advice from your doctor.

60 caps: SUPER ABSORB Each capsule will provide:

Super Absorb

Burdock (Arctium lappa) Root 40mg Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) 50mg Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Root 60mg Psyllium (Plantago ovata) Husk 200mg Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) 15mg Cayenne (Capsicum annum) 15mg Rhubarb (Rheum palmatum) Root 30mg Buckthorn-Alder 15mg (Rhamnus frangula) Bark Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) 15mg Wheatgrass 15mg Lactobacillus Acidophilus 5mg (50 Billion per gram) Garlic (Allium sativum) 15mg Walnut (Juglans regia) Leaf 15mg Capsule Shell: Vegetarian Cellulose 100mg

30 caps: BRILLIANT BIOTIC Each capsule will provide:
Brilliant Biotic
Total per capsule: 15 Billion Live Microorganisms Lactobacillus acidophilus CUL–60 Lactobacillus acidophilus CUL–21 Bifidobacterium bifidum CUL–20 Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis CUL–34 Lactobacillus salivarius CUL–61 Lactobacillus paracasei CUL–08 Lactobacillus plantarum CUL–66 Lactobacillus casei CUL–06 Lactobacillus fermentum CUL–67 Lactobaciilus gasseri CUL–09 Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis CUL–62 Bifidobacterium breve CUL–74 Streptococcus thermophilus CUL–68 Howaru® Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM™ Howaru® Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 Howaru® Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 Silica 6mg Capsule shell: Microcrystalline Cellulose
30 caps: GORGEOUS GREENS Each capsule will provide:
Gorgeous Greens
Organic Spirulina (cyanobacterium) 100mg Organic Wheat Grass (Triticum aestivum) 75mg Organic Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) 75mg Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) 75mg Kale (Brassica oleracea) 60mg Nettle Leaf (Urtica dioica) 40mg Dandelion Leaf (Taraxacum officinale) 40mg Organic Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) 17.5mg Organic Seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) 17.5mg Capsule Shell: Vegetarian Cellulose
30 caps: Magical Multi
Magical Multi

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCL) Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate) Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) Citrus Bioflavonoids Biotin Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) Folacin (Folic Acid) Ascophyllum Nodosum Magnesium (Citrate) Manganese (Gluconate) Molybdenum (Ammonium Molybdate) PABA Selenium (Methionine) Zinc (Citrate) Rutin Iron (Bisglycinate) Chromium (Picolinate) Vitamin K1 Copper (Citrate) Vitamin E Natural (D-Alpha Tocopherol) (Providing 24.3mg of Alpha Tocopherol) Beta-carotene (from Dunaliella Salina) Boron (Sodium Borate) Vitamin D3 Co Enzyme Q10 Capsule Shell: Vegetarian Cellulose

50 ml: Hello Aloe
Aloe Vera 10 x Concentration Potassium Sorbate Sodium Benzoate Citric Acid

Himalayan rock salt Propriety blend of high quality essential oils


49 reviews for 12 Days Cleanse – Kick start your new health regime

  1. Millie Mackintosh

    Millie Mackintosh – Actor

    As promised, I said I would let you know how I got on with 12 Days…which I did last month. In the past I have been terrible at sticking to any kind of cleanse/detox but I found this one easy to follow and very manageable – I even stuck to it for the whole 12 days!
    I am not a big believer in dieting but I wanted to make a conscious move to eat healthy along with giving my digestive system a clean and to see if I felt the effects. Chris’s 12 day cleanse is broken in to four phases- the preparation phase, pre-purification phase, power phase and the maintenance phase, throughout these phases supplements are to be taken.
    Days 1-3 was the preparation phase, during this part of the cleanse I learnt to eliminate certain foods from my diet and introduced others. Being intolerant to wheat and diary this really helped as the food rules table guided me to other options. For example I cut out cashew nuts and introduced pumpkin, sesame and brazil nuts.
    Days 4-6 saw the pre-purification phase where I had to eat as much raw food as possible- lots of Edamame beans! This is where you start to streamline your diet to allow for cleansing, so the more raw food the better!
    Days 7-9- the power phase is the time that really tested me as it is three days of juicing and I had a busy schedule during this- not perfectly timed but I coped! It was important to keep at it as this is where you eliminate all the harmful toxins that you hold in your body.
    Days 10-12- the final phase was the maintenance phase. I was so glad to be back on meals but made sure I kept this light- fruit, vegetables, salads, plenty of water and fresh juices. Check out the tasty butterbean burger below!
    This when I really noticed how amazing Chris’s cleanse was, people were commenting on how I was glowing and looked refreshed.
    I would recommend 12 Days…to anyone who feels that they have over indulged lately and would like to kick start a healthy regime. I have come out of the 12days with my skin tighter, weight lost, increased energy, my skin glowing, and a happy mind.


  2. Millie Mackintosh

    Melissa Odabash – Fashion Designer

    I cleanse twice a year to keep me in good shape. I heard great things about Mind&Body Cleanse™, by Chris James, and I thought I would give it a try.

    Initially, I was concerned as to whether I would be able to fit the Cleanse into my hectic schedule. I’m super busy, its fashion week so there are lots of parties, which means drinks etc – a hard time to start. However, I love challenging myself to see if I can resist these temptations! I found Chris’ 12 day Cleanse was easy and straightforward. I love the way the Cleanse is bite sized into different manageable parts – you always feel like you are progressing towards the end. It’s a 12 day journey towards complete wellness.

    By the end of the 12 day Mind&Body Cleanse™, I felt full of ENERGY, and I had a CLEAR MIND, and I managed a full on week of designing WITHOUT BEING TIRED! This was so AMAZING, as I would usually struggle with fatigue and the demands that are placed on me at this time of year…

    I was really positively surprised that my sugar cravings seemed to go away too during the 12 day Mind&Body Cleanse™, by day 6 I didn’t have my usual chocolate cravings after my meal, instead my body felt satiated with Chris James delicious recipes.

    I am naturally quite slim, and I completely get that Mind&Body Cleanse™ helps with weight loss, however I did not do the Cleanse for these reasons alone. I love Mind&Body Cleanse™ as it really energises your body, and I feel a lot more focused. I feel a great deal more toned and in perfect bikini shape for Spring and Summer.

    I would totally recommend Mind&Body Cleanse™. I think we all lead very hectic and busy lives with no time to take care of ourselves. However with this 12 day cleanse it is different. It allows us to take stock and focus on what we put into our bodies. It makes us make an effort, and the rewards are great.

    My advice is, DO IT you’ll never regret it!!


  3. Millie Mackintosh

    Wioleta – Hair Technician

    I am a hairdresser and I work at U.R.Beautiful in Kingston.
    For a long time I was not feeling well for a number of different reasons:
    I didn’t sleep well, which kept me up at least a few times every night.
    I also often feel very tired during the day which was effecting my ability to concentrate.
    Plus, I have been experiencing a few problems with my digestive system and my energy was very low for most of the time.
    I told a friend about my well-being and she suggested that I should try the “12DAYS” Cleanse.
    AMAZING!! It took just 12 DAYS and I am feeling like a new person! I feel so much healthier and I have much more energy and my digestion is much better too. My friends commented that I my skin looks better and my eyes clearer as well.
    I think it has helped me tremendously, and I would suggest it to anyone in a similar position as me or for general improvement.
    Lastly, the recipes in the book are great and were very wholesome! There is a 12 Day menu guide, so I always knew what I was supposed to be eating and when.


  4. Millie Mackintosh

    Sylvana Conkova
    My name is Sylvana Conkova and I am a Yoga teacher:)
    I have never tried any sort of cleansing or juicing program before and I was drawn to try 12 days out of curiosity and willingness to improve the level of my energy.
    Initially, I had difficulty starting it because it seemed like a long time to be on a strict diet and to be honest, I found the idea of 3 days juicing (during the power phase) with no solid food a bit scary.
    It took me long time to embark on it. Partly because it requires you to have regular routine and to be able to prepare your meals at home which I wasn’t always able to do. Juicing part was really challenging considering the cold winter weather and cooling down effect which my body severely felt. I would have preferred to go through it during warmer months. Having said that I don’t mean I didn’t enjoy the challenge.
    12 days had an amazing effect both on my body and mind. I felt physically rejuvenated and nourished and I’ve noticed great improvement with my concentration and mental clarity.
    I was surprised how easy it was to adapt to new way of eating and I didn’t have cravings at all. I started to feel the first positive effects from the 3rd day when I didn’t experience slumps of energy in the afternoon. The level of my energy was consistent throughout the day.
    I have to say that 12 days is really amazing! organically cleansing and strengthening the whole body and purifying the mind.

  5. Millie Mackintosh

    Santa Dalessandro
    Hi Chris,
    few weeks ago you came to Wholefoods market in Richmond and I bought a 12 days detox box from you…..
    As I promised I did….I am actually at my 2nd day of the power phase …..I have to be honest…before starting I was skeptical….but I have to admit that I feel great…I had my colon hydrotherapy for the first time in my life and…WOW …such a different….!!! It is great.
    The first two days I found hard working for 10 hours a day but I was very determinate and I follow all steps rigorously….I feel great, light, renewed so I just want to say THANKS for giving me the chance to discover what does it mean to feel clean…i will do a colon at least twice a year with your program.
    I convinced my husband to do 1 colon irrigation + detox plan…..now I need to convince Mary….
    Now it will be easy to sell your products.



  6. Millie Mackintosh

    Phoebe Potter – PR Executive

    After having enjoyed the festive period a little too much and followed by a whole week of birthday celebrations, by mid January I was desperate to return to my healthy eating routine.
    So to get myself back on the right track, I gave my very first detox/cleanse a go and started the “12 Days” Cleanse, by Chris James. I was really excited to start the cleanse but also slightly apprehensive as I really wasn’t sure what to expect, would it be impossible to follow? would I be hungry all the time? would it even do anything? you can imagine the rest.
    The purpose of the 12 day program is to reduce acid forming foods in the diet, including meat, dairy, bread, pasta, alcohol and caffeine and replace them with alkaline ones in order to get the foods functioning at optimum level. The cleanse is split into 4 stages, which made it really easy to keep motivated and on track.
    Whilst on the cleanse, I started each morning with hot lemon and water and lots of different supplements, it definitely took a couple of days to get used to take so many supplements but once I had adjusted it wasn’t so bad. For the first half of the cleanse I was mainly eating porridge and smoothies for breakfast, LOTS of veg, grains and salads for lunch and dinner and then fruit or nuts for snacking. So in actual fact it wasn’t too restricting and I could eat as much as I wanted as long as it was in my allowed list. With the 12 Day programme came clear guidelines on which foods you could and couldn’t eat along with Chris’s own recommended recipes, so you always knew what you should be eating and when.
    A couple of days in and I definitely noticed that my cravings had lessened. I was saying ‘no’ to chocolate, cakes and biscuits in the office, which for me was groundbreaking and I felt more alert and even lighter. I think I saw the most difference in the first couple of days and I definitely did feel more toned. By the juicing phase of the cleanse (days 6-9), things did become more difficult and I completely see why Chris recommends doing this phase over a quiet weekend if possible. During this point of “12Days” cleanse I did begin to feel quite tired and with a very busy job and social life it was hard to keep on track. It’s also worth mentioning that throughout the cleanse I had to prep all my meals in advance and be super organised. There were many trips to the supermarket to stock up on fresh produce and although this wasn’t something I personally minded, it’s just something to keep in mind if you want to give the cleanse a go yourself.
    Now having completed the cleanse, I’d say I was happy with the results and it was a real eye opener on how certain foods can make you feel and can impact the body. I definitely felt more toned and had more energy. What I really liked though was the fact that I felt I learnt a lot about food and how it impacts my body…
    I’ll be honest and say my eating has gone back downhill a bit in comparison to what it was like whilst I was on cleanse but as we all know life on the go can mean that making the right choices can be challenging. I would definitely recommend “12Days” cleanse to others and now that I know exactly what to expect, I’d love to try it again when perhaps I can enjoy a more peaceful and restful 12 days.


  7. Millie Mackintosh

    Bernadette Bird – Sales Manager

    I decided that the new year would bring a new me – I knew about the “12 Days” Cleanse because I sold it at Manns store, Cranleigh and I was impressed with the feedback from past customers. Before I started I prepared my menus, arranged my days off around the Power Phase and increased my water intake. My food became vibrant in colour and I was introducing new vegetables into my menu. I started meditating again and enjoyed steam baths and swimming. At the end of the Chris’s Cleanse all my food cravings had gone and I had dropped a staggering 10lbs!!

    I felt alert but somewhat calm. People came up to me with out knowing I had been on the Cleanse and said how well I looked! I immediately recommended “12 Days” .

    As a result of doing the Cleanse, I have completely changed my lifestyle I’m still juicing, meditating and eating raw foods .

    Thank you Chris James for your guidance!


  8. Millie Mackintosh

    Leanne Ballato – Lawyer

    Being pregnant in 2013, the discipline I had for healthy food choices during that journey was impeccable. This was soon shattered when baby came along in jan 2014. Biscuits, cake, cheese, pizza and alcohol were now back on the menu and the weight soon crept up, and this was in addition to the weight that I had gained during pregnancy. I couldn’t fit into my jeans which was depressing and god forbid trying on work suits! “12 days” was my saviour which I am eternally grateful to a very dear friend of mine for introducing me to the plan.

    Thanks to “12 Days” my mind was clear and switched on and my thoughts were no longer muddled. My weight which had plateaued after the baby had reduced and I could fit into my jeans no problem. Whilst I did do some exercise during the 12 days it was not over the top and the weight dropped off in just 12 days. So fast. What a result. After struggling for many months trying to reduce my weight I now felt great. Normal again!

    I was amazed at how eating lovely nutritious food could make you lose weight without starving, the 12 Day Menu Guide which comes with the product is excellent, full of great recipes, and I was really amazed at how nice the meals and juices were.

    I thought that I was a healthy person up until the birth of my daughter, but I have now become more aware of healthy options, especially utilising gluten free/ dairy free and meat free options, I found this very interesting indeed.

    I even tried and ended up loving skin brushing – which I thought was going to be a complete bore!

    I thoroughly recommend “12days” to anyone and have not stopped talking about it to all my mummy friends…..Clarity of mind, increased memory, motivation, weight loss, clear skin, and feeling alive. It is incredible how being mindful for less than a fortnight can change your life!!

    Thank you soooo much for stocking this amazing product!!



  9. Millie Mackintosh

    Liz Mckeon – Trainer – Beauty Business Expert

    I had read about “12 Days” in the Press initially and about the healthy lifestyle that Chris promotes. I checked out the website, and on meeting Chris at a show in the UK, I decided this was the ideal way to kick start a new approach to my wellbeing and overall health. Chris James is a walking ad for his 12 day detox – white retinas, glowing skin, with charisma to match!

    With a very hectic work schedule my attention to my diet and exercise regimes had taken a back seat for a long time, “12 days” was the perfect way to get back on track, putting myself in the driving seat of my own well being. I had been experiencing fatigued and stressed for some time.

    I found “12 Days” very comprehensive with an easy to follow 12 day manual, it was all very manageable, despite the fact that I was very busy at the time.

    “12 Days” made me feel like I had regained control of my lifestyle. At the end of the 12 days I realised that from now on, taking care of myself has got to be my top priority in order to function at optimum levels. I felt great and ready to keep going with a balanced diet. Some of Chris recipes are surprisingly delicious. Surprising, because I did not think that detox / cleanse recipes were supposed to be delicious!

    I was really surprised by the fact that during the 12 days, I didn’t have any sugar cravings. I have a sweet tooth, which had been over indulged for a long time.

    I struggled with the number of supplements you have to take on a couple of days, but I understand now that during the Power Phase that this is quite necessary.

    I would recommend “12 days” because it works! I have promised myself that it will definitely be an part of my health regime every 4-6 months. Not to be missed!


  10. Millie Mackintosh

    Sophie Wickham – Sales Associate

    On starting the cleanse I was really nervous and scared. I was concerned about what I would eat and how I would cope.

    I suffered with headaches for the first day or two due as a result of my dependancy to sugar and chocolate, fizzy drinks or sweets. But I now no longer crave them.

    At times I struggled with what to eat as I am quiet a fussy person but soon got used to experimenting with different foods. To my surprise I started craving foods that I would never normally eat such as nuts and fruit!!

    From doing the Mind&Body Cleanse I learned a lot about my relationship towards food mentally and emotionally.

    One thing I would advise is to make sure that you are sufficiently prepared for the Cleanse, and make sure you have all the ingredients to make your lunches and juices! Chris does refer to this in the literature several times.

    This product has resulted in weight loss; I lost around 5lb!! However I didn’t do it for weight loss reasons alone. I did the 12 Days Mind&Body Cleanse more to improve the condition of my skin. Everyone complemented me on how glowing I was and how clear my skin had become. My spots had cleared up and my complexion had evened out – I was so happy about this!

    I would definetly do Mind&Body Cleanse again as I felt alert every morning for the first time in years, with the added bonus of great skin. Completely worth it!!

    I would certainly recommend this product to my friends and family as it makes you more aware about the food you eat, and the relationship that you have with your mind and body! It was a very positive experience, and I can still feel the benefits!!


  11. Millie Mackintosh

    Jennine – Mum

    I’m a busy mum who is also heavily involved in charity fundraising and breakfast for me was more often than not one or two triple espressos. For quite a while I’d been feeling very tired, extremely bloated and generally rundown. A friend had started the Mind&Body Cleanse and was telling me how easy it was and how she was already feeling better after 4 days so I thought ‘what do I have to lose?’ I wasn’t totally convinced I could stick to it but thought I’d try. It was so easy I was shocked. I wasn’t hungry at all, after about 4 days my abdominal bloating had subsided and I started to feel so much better. I had two dinners I had to attend during the cleanse and sticking to the cleanse when dining out was also very easy.

    After 12 days I’d lost almost 2 1/2kg and I felt so much better. I stuck to it, did not cheat once and I have gone on to totally and radically change the way I eat every day. Thanks to Chris’ encouragement and his amazing Mind&Body Cleanse I now have a diet based heavily around fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meats. I no longer drink coffee and never suffered from withdrawal headaches. I love vegetable juices, especially those containing beetroot, carrot and ginger. Having changed my lifestyle I have more energy and a much more positive mindset about food and what type of food I should be putting into my body to enhance my body’s performance and functioning.

    If you’re thinking about trying Chris’ Mind and Body Cleanse DO IT! The only thing you’ve got to lose is perhaps a few kilos, lethargy and maybe bloating….go ahead and do it, you won’t regret it.


  12. Millie Mackintosh

    Kirsty Galllagher – Yoga Teacher

    I have been passionate about nutrition now for several years. As a yoga teacher I knew all about Chris James. It made perfect sense for me then to try his “12 Days” cleanse.

    Although I would say I have a very healthy diet, Chris’ cleanse showed me that I had developed a real craving for sugar. The juicing phase was fantastic as I remembered how much I love to juice and it gave me the oppurtunity to get juicing again. Chris has some wonderful and unique concoctions!

    What was particulalry interesting for me was the sense of clarity I had when I meditated during the cleanse. It was as if I somehow let go of negative thoughts and energy as my body too released toxins. My yoga practice was more mindful and purposeful too. I lost weight and everybody said how great I looked – “Sparkling!” and “Connected” as a result.

    Thank you, and I look forward to doing the 12 Days Cleanse again in 6 months !!


  13. Millie Mackintosh

    Stephen Marks – Solicitor

    I was attracted to the Mind and Body Cleanse as have decided to take a more active approach to my health and well-being this year.

    I had heard of Chris through yoga and was interested to read about the cleanse on his website.

    Initially I was uncertain how I would be able to prepare for the three meals each day. Chris personally reassured me and sent me on a path of actually making my own healthy food ! it sounds ridiculous but it was great to actually make healthy soups and stews again. I soon realized how accustomed I had become to processed and unhealthy food and particularly sugar ! I began to feel lighter and less bloated after meals. I began to realize how much better I felt after drinking more water and starting the day with hot water and lemon.

    The power phase of the detox was challenging but again it introdued me to my juicer that had been left abandoned in my kitchen ! In fact it was a very inetersting lesson in mental control and how we all tend to over eat sometimes. I didn’t feel hungry through this period as the supplements Chris gives you then quell the pangs !

    And the result – I lost 4 kilos and felt renewed and sparkling with energy.I have told all my friends to do it !


  14. Millie Mackintosh

    Kate Masschelein – Sales and Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson

    My name is Kate and I live in Richmond. I work for Johnson & Johnson and am a Sales and Marketing Director in medical devices.

    After changing roles within the organization with a lot more responsibilities, I noticed that I started developing unhealthy eating habits to numb the stress. I didn’t have or didn’t take the time to plan healthy meals. My sugar, fat and caffeine intake went through the roof.

    I really wanted to reset my diet and wanted to start by doing a detox. I had seen Chris James’ detox featured on his website weeks before and after reading more about it I thought I’d give it a go.

    My initial reservations were around fitting it in my very busy work schedule and it’s not been easy. However with some careful planning and sharing my detox plans with colleagues I gained support which in the end helped as well.

    I would recommend it to anyone who’s committed to complete the detox and follow the instructions over the course of 12 days. It’s not easy. I’ve been hooked on coffee and sugar for a while now and getting rid of that 100% overnight lead to headaches up until 3 days into the detox. I was also seriously tired and had visions of cups of coffee with a delicious eggs benedict!

    As of day 4 until day 12, things got a lot better and I rewarded myself with a massage which was a perfect way to conclude the detox. My hair, skin and body overall looked and felt a lot better. I lost 9 pounds overall which is a very nice bonus. My head felt clear and my energy levels went up again.

    What I found really unique about this experience was the amazing cleansing agents and supplements. I know that Chris formulates himself, I found them to be incredibly powerful and they did exactly what they said they would, which is really encouraging and impirtant to me, especially with my background!

    All in all I could not recommend this experience enough – go try it for yourself and see and feel the amazing changes!! You could never regret it!


  15. Millie Mackintosh

    Feride Claridge – Principal Software Design Engineer

    Hi, my name is Feride. I work for an IT company as a Principal Software Design Engineer. My job is very static most of the time as it involves long periods of sitting in front of a computer and it can be quite stressful time to times.

    I was diagnosed as celiac last year. That meant a major change in my eating habits. I wanted to a clean start so I decided to do Chris’s 12 Day cleanse programme. My sister-in-law did the cleanse a month before me and seeing the positive changes in her both physically and emotionally helped me to make my mind up about the cleanse quicker. So I did it in Spring 2013. At first I was a little worried about the 3rd phase. But surprisingly I did not feel hungry at all. It was the best thing that I have done for my body and mind. I was very surprised of the outcome of colonic hydrotherapy. I had 2 colonics during 3rd and 4th phases. In combination with the cleanse together it shifted a few pounds and I had a flat tummy for the first time in last 6 years. All that bloating had gone away. My skin, hair and nails started looking healthier. My mood changed 180 degrees. I felt a lot happier. It also helped me with my work. Designing/implementing/fixing software needs a lot of focus and concentration. After 2 pregnancies I felt sluggish for a while. With the 12 Day cleanse I now have a sharper brain. Also the 12 Day cleanse taught me a few tips about eating habits. For example I now know that no food should make me bloated if it agrees with my digestion system.Thank you Chris for this wonderful mind and body cleanse programme.

    I would recommend Chris’s cleanse programme to anyone who would love to enhance their body and mind to become healthier.

    I will start my spring cleaning soon with another 12 Days cleanse set 🙂


  16. Millie Mackintosh

    Rose Fortescue – Actor

    Hi Chris,

    I’m good thank you, how are you? I have now finished the Cleanse and so feeling really refreshed!

    I have to say that compared to how I felt before I started Mind & Body Cleanse™, I now feel energized and ready to start the year ahead!

    I felt that the toughest thing about the Cleanse was breaking the cleanse due to my Birthday celebrations. I re-started a day later but I did have guilt.

    One of the best outcomes was that I discovered some fantastic new recipes as suggested by you and have learnt that vegetables and pulses can fill you up just as much as meat and dairy.

    I would recommend the [Mind & Body Cleanse™], challenge. Setting myself the goal has been incredible and I now feel amazing and have found self control that I never thought I had.

    Many thanks,

    Rosie xx


  17. Millie Mackintosh

    Sule Dewilde – Finance

    My name is Sule, and it is now a month since I completed my first ever Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse.

    I was previously involved in a very stressful finance job. This took its toll on my health creating a major health trauma. I needed to change my life style completely.

    Last year, I decided to change my eating habits and move away eating too much animal protein amongst other things in my diet. My digestion had always been very sluggish and I decided to start a new year with a complete cleansing program to see if this would help.

    Initially, I was quite apprehensive about this whole process of detox & cleansing but Chris James’ method of splitting 12 days into four different stages works without causing any discomfort; I could continue with my daily duties with no problem. I was worried that I would feel miserable and would not function properly. But none of that turned out to be true because his supplement formulations really support the body in the process and he has created delicious recipes that encourage you to stay in the program without any problems.

    The best part was after 3 days of juicing I saw that my skin was glowing.

    The food tasted amazing, even the colours in nature looked brighter…a total feeling of being rejuvenated!!! It also helped significantly with my historically sluggish digestive system. I am now a big fan of Mind & Body Cleanse, and I will repeat it at least twice a year. Thank you Chris for creating such a good program!!!

    I would recommend this program highly to anybody because it delivers total cleansing of the body and the mind as well. You feel extremely well at the end of 12 days and it encourages you to continue eating in similar way to reap the benefits that your body has upon completion.

    In addition to Chris’s Mind & Body Cleanse I have had the good fortune of practicing yoga with Chris more than a year ago with one-to-one sessions, since then he has supported my total well being in a very positive way with his extensive experience.


  18. Millie Mackintosh

    Claire Farrell – Store Manager
    I’ve always believed if you listen to your body you will see that it is a wonderful learning device to see how your journey in life is progressing. And it is down to this belief that led me to complete The Mind & Body Cleanse. Up until a year ago, I juggled a full work diary, social life and love of exercise easily. But a lethargy seemed to have crept in that led not only to low every levels, but also to low level thoughts. I felt out of character and off track.

    The promise of a ‘brand new me’ was too tempting to ignore. I loved the idea of a simply structured programme based on common sense and an understanding of our hectic, modern day lifestyles.

    Very quickly I started to experience increased energy levels, a lightness in mind and body that spurred me on to complete each of the four stages of the programme. Putting aside my caffeine addiction and self doubting backchat, (probably the toughest elements of the cleanse for me) meant that by the time I reached the Power Phase I was walking on air!

    Since completing the cleanse I feel alert, positive and my fitness levels have returned. I am also surprised by my willingness to experiment in the kitchen- a task I have previously avoided!

    I thoroughly recommend the cleanse as it is a truly empowering experience for your mind and body.


  19. Millie Mackintosh

    Sharon Dowsett – Celebrity Make Up Artist

    “The Chris James Mind and Body Cleanse did everything it said on the box! I dropped a dress size, feel lighter and nimbler, look younger and have developed healthier habits. Not bad for a twelve day course which Chris makes simple to follow… nothing complicated and the right supplements to assist the journey into better health, which I found gave structure and purpose to the programme. I loved that the course was divided into stages and I found the three days on juices surprisingly easy – the only thing I’d change next time is to rest more during this period (as Chris advised!) It’s been six weeks since I finished the Cleanse and I’ve kept my weight stable and energy levels high, by continuing some of the good practices I’ve learned (and discovering I prefer them, such as swapping soya for milk). I’ve also slipped back into a few bad habits but Chris told me that it’s fine – you just have to know the rules and keep a balance. I was lucky to meet him recently and he was the embodiment of everything I imagined but way more fun too… Thank you Chris James and I look forward to doing some yoga with you one day!”


  20. Millie Mackintosh

    Yvonne McMeel – Registered Nutritionist ANutr BSc (Hons)

    Hey Chris

    Firstly I would really like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the mind and body cleanse, gratefully received and experienced!

    I liked your cleanse very much indeed. I am sometimes rather dubious about some of the ‘detox’ type things that promise the earth and are freely flaunted about and don’t encourage healthy eating behaviours, some are quite the opposite actually unlike your cleanse. I liked the four different stages, a gradual change rather than straight into juices (which could be too dramatic for some people), encouraging lovely sensible eating based on vegetarian foods. And of course all supported by the supplements at the different stages.

    For me I didn’t find it difficult, it was a great opportunity to get myself back on track basing meals on vegetables, vegetarian protein sources and generally eating lots more vegetables, especially before I go on holiday….

    I like the gradual build up to the 3 days of juices, it gives people time to get used to the plan, getting organised, getting used to eating differently, more veggies, taking the time and responsibility for their health and wellbeing….

    I didn’t have a proper juicer (I do now though:) and as it was cold I did three days of soups and I quite liked this as I tend to like hot food more than cold food plus I find soups more sustaining and probably bulkier which probably defeats the purpose of juicing…. I would like to try the cleanse again but perhaps in warmer months and I would definitely have juices rather than soup.

    I liked as well the gradual reintroduction of ‘solids’ – the last three days, a gentle reintroduction of solid food again which is important as the stomach hasn’t had any food to metabolise for three days, mine had definitely shrunk! It is also good to gently continue with nutritious food rather than falling back into old or less healthy eating habits, overloading and burdening the system, which I have seen happening a lot with my clients.

    Personally what I found difficult was the lack of coffee; I am not a coffee fiend, just one per day, sometime two if the occasion calls for it. I love my one cup of black freshly brewed coffee in the morning and I missed the ritual of making it, the smell of it, drinking it, enjoying it, that quiet ‘me’ time in the morning. The mind and body cleanse gave me the opportunity to change this habit and replace it with hot and lemon, which I surprisingly found very refreshing and did aid that alertness I got from coffee.

    So, the Results are:

    Before the Cleanse, I generally felt slow and sluggish especially after the holiday season. During the cleanse I noticed a gradual change and improvement in my health and wellbeing, felt clean, lighter and healthy inside and out, the condition of my skin improved, nice and glowing 🙂 It’s a good boost and recharge for the system – in a very gentle way. Most importantly the effects of the cleanse continued afterwards, both in terms of health as well as the new healthier habits that I picked up or rather let go off – no more coffee!

    Overall, I was surprised at how easy the Cleanse was and from a professional point of view and having experienced this Cleanse, I would certainly recommend this Cleanse to others.

    Yvonne xx

    P.S. Thanks for the lovely Yoga class (and the tea!) on Friday, I thoroughly enjoyed and continued to feel the effects over the weekend.


  21. Millie Mackintosh

    Sasha Carew – Assistant Manager

    I just completed the Mind & Body Cleanse™ and my good friend and ex cabin crew, gave me a huge compliment saying that I looked fabulous, and she asked me what my secret was?

    Today, I feel fabulous too, and more alert, and this morning I woke at 5.30a.m and got up (I am usually hopeless in the morning and had started to look up reasons for my lethargy on line!). I then continued with hot water and lemon first thing, just as I did when I was on the Cleanse which replaced my fresh coffee. What surprised me most about the Mind & Body Cleanse™ was that it felt so natural and easy for me to continue with the good habits even after I had completed it.

    For instance, I now eat less carbs especially white flour based, less crisps and more brown rice. Brown rice is actually delicious. I have also continued with the much healthier diet overall, that Mind & Body Cleanse™ encourages.

    I had started exercising about 9 weeks before I started the Mind & Body Cleanse™, which used to be a big part of my life. I was an avid gym goer and had personal training, but for the last 7 years I chose to spend the time with my son and slipped into bad habits. Since I started the Cleanse, the short runs back from school in the morning, sit ups and arm weights gave me noticeably more energy and the stretching really helped me during the Mind & Body Cleanse™. The Cleanse helped me to enjoy exercise more, and I found more time for it.

    However, I found that not putting myself in situations where I felt vulnerable best, and certainly not where you I could smell Pizza! I was at the fun fair with my son on day 3 of the Mind & Body Cleanse™, and I can honestly say I wasn’t tempted because I had made the commitment to complete the Cleanse. But, I have to say that wafting chips with vinegar, hot donuts by the sea, the air full of ‘kiss me quick’ carbs and being surrounded by people eating in the street made me want to return to my ‘cleanse sanctuary’ at home!

    I felt that being prepared for sleep was also best. On my first day of the Cleanse, I was fine until 3 pm at work, when I literally felt I could sleep standing up! Generally speaking I found that once I started the Cleanse, it was easy to follow through.

    Chris James explains how the toxin release in your body may cause symptoms such as mild irritability – he describes the toxins in your body as aircraft circling before landing, as they wait to be expelled from the body – and this was certainly true for me on day 3 of the Power phase. Though I can tell you that the results made up for it!

    I had emotional days, I dreamt of food some nights, and I felt sleepy sometimes, but the rest was quite enjoyable. I thought about the good I was doing, drinking hot lemon and water every morning, refraining from alcohol, making time to meditate and body brush every day. After the power phase, I felt elated that I’d made the achievement, I felt lighter that day and found it easier to stretch. I have a renewed interest in being healthy and fit for life. And I found synchronicity in following my miracle meditations – it says clean your room, have a healthy diet, look after yourself, it was as if I was meant to be doing both alongside each other.

    On my last day I pulled out a flower card from a pack – and one actually flew out and landed on the floor – it was Tulip – representing new growth after a dark period and it had an affirmation “I release what was to embrace growth and regeneration.” It’s time to celebrate!! HOORAY!!

    I really feel that I have experienced a true Mind & Body Cleanse™as promised by Chris James, and now experience greater synchronicity in my life. (On the last evening of the Mind & Body Cleanse™, I was cooking brown rice when there was a knock at the door – it was an organic fruit and veg company offering a delivery service – perfect, more synchronicity!).

    A week after finishing the Mind & Body Cleanse™, I am pleased to report that I have carried on with some of the good habits, I’ve only had one coffee, and had hot water and lemon every morning, I’m still body brushing every day and eating less meat and fish, less cow milk and more salads. I’ve had no chocolate or sweets and I still feel positive and lighter.

    Chris James has changed my attitude to food and drink, and I will definitely do the Mind & Body Cleanse™ again.

    I would tell anyone that’s thinking about trying the Mind & Body Cleanse™, to absolutely give it a go – and with the following tips for preparation:-

    – Don’t go mad on tea, coffee and alcohol just before the cleanse, if anything, cut down, it’s so worth it!

    – Visit your local health food store and juice bar and tell them what you are planning. My ‘juice guy’ lit up when I told him about the Power Phase of the Mind & Body Cleanse™!

    – I have found everybody very helpful and interested in advising on menu ideas, particularly vegetarians. Although, make sure that you prepare your meals, otherwise food options are limited and can taste a bit on the bland side. I became very creative in the kitchen and passionate about some recipes (although I had to stop watching the food network half way through and was wishing for a health channel, with vegan dinners…the next step for Chris James please!)

    – With no salt allowed garlic, lemon zest, olives, basil, sesame seeds are key ingredients. They were especially important when making my hummus. It was delicious and something I’ve been meaning to try and make at home for years but the soaking the chick peas part had put me off. It turns out it was so easy – I found an old large pickle jar, soaked the chick peas in it, and used my hand held blender to blend the ingredients. I let it simmer while I washed my walls – the Mind & Body Cleanse™ seemed to extend to my surroundings!

    – I used a lovely body brush with real bristle. Light long strokes, upwards towards the heart works best for stimulating Lymph flow.

    – I didn’t use deodorant (except a crystal), any body/ face creams, only pure oils as I wanted to eliminate as many chemicals from my routine. I normally cream my entire body daily as I have very dry skin. My skin is now supple and noticeably softer, and HURRAY – the lines on my face are visibly softened!!

    – I washed my walls with lemons and tea tree oil in hot water. My Finnish friend, Minna, tells me this is a tradition in Finland her mother does every New Year and it means you have to paint less often – it is true and my house feels lovely.

    – Book massage – I had a Spa pedicure in a massage chair which I enjoyed on a whole new level. I think looking after yourself without your daily toxin crutches, such as caffeine and sugar makes you see things differently. You are being truly kind to yourself instead of going for a quick fix.

    – Meditate during Mind & Body Cleanse™ I did every day, for a short time morning and night. I had already started a 42 day Miracle Guide based on a course in Miracles, and whilst I was on the cleanse, the Miracle guide focused on body image! Coincidence – or Synchronicity?

    – Remember to hit the ‘start cleanse’ button the day before the Mind & Body Cleanse™Otherwise you will experience the Cleanse in hindsight!!


  22. Millie Mackintosh

    Donna Francis – Freelance Beauty Editor & Consultant

    I chose to try the Chris James Cleanse as I wanted to turn a new leaf with my eating and lifestyle habits. I’ve always been quite healthy, but with the stresses of juggling a career and looking after 2 kids, my diet has been low on my list of priorities, with a glass of wine and a couple of biscuits being my quick-fix snacks of choice. I needed to get back on the healthy track!

    After I was lucky enough to meet Chris, I felt totally inspired by his positivity and knowledge – he really is the master of the detox – and I couldn’t wait to start on my cleansing journey! I vow anyone not to feel 100% healthier, happier, prettier and livelier after his cleanse. Here is the story of my cleansing journey…

    Days 1 to 3:

    For me, these were the hardest 3 days of the detox! Although by Day 1, I arrived fully prepared – made the yummy muesli by the recipe provided in the pamphlet; stocked up on what felt like the whole of the Ocado fruit and veg department and bought a new juicer – I wasn’t ready for how I’d feel! Day 2 fell on a Saturday, and Saturday mornings are usually greeted by a hearty Full English! Of course, the rest of the family weren’t so virtuous and continued tucking into their bacon and eggs while I grazed on my healthy muesli. I must admit, I was jealous! The smell of the bacon was making my tastebuds stand on end! Day 3 I woke with a headache which I now know was the withdrawal symptom of having no tea, wine and any quick-fix snacks like biscuits and chocolate! Headache aside though, I didn’t feel hungry and while the rest of my brood tucked into their spag bol for dinner, I had a yummy veg stir-fry with brown rice instead.

    Days 4 to 6:

    Even though I woke up on Day 4 with a very dry tongue (apparently another detox symptom) I really felt like I had turned a corner – no headache and no cravings for naughty food! I was even relishing my daily morning cup of hot water and lemon! This positivity was helped along by an 80 minute bespoke detoxifying massage at the heavenly Urban Retreat Spa in Harrods, which comes as part of one of the Chris James Cleanse packages sold through the spa. It was just what my body needed after my nearly 2-day headache. Food consisted of lots of healthy salads (drizzled with olive oil as that’s allowed) and apples and dates to keep my energy levels up – after all it was school half term!

    Day 7-9

    Mentally, I was prepared for this part of the ‘just-juice’ phase! Encouraged by rising energy levels, loose jeans, glossy hair and glowing skin, 3 days of just juicing seemed like the perfect ‘final run’ towards inner purity. However, Day 8 was not easy! My head ached again (apparently a sign of the last lot of toxins entering the blood stream). I also felt tired and I really craved something hot. The juices I made were really scrummy though! Who knew sweet potato, pepper, brocolli, celery, cucumber, radish, carrot and apple could taste so delish? On Day 9, I had my first colonic at the EF Medispa in Chelsea. Amazing! Victoria the hydrotherapist, explained how the digestive system works and took her time to make me feel really comfortable. It didn’t hurt and I felt lighter and purer afterwards. It’s a real detox must-do!

    Days 9-12: Maintenance Phase

    Easy peasy! After the intensity of the 3 days of just juicing, going back to solids felt like I was just returning to my ‘normal’ diet. I started Day 9 with just fruit as Chris recommended, but as it was so cold outside, I craved something warmer for supper so cooked myself a hearty veg and split-bean stew. Working lunch the next day I ordered salad and a detox juice (no I wasn’t bored of them) and polished off the day before’s stew for dinner. I actually felt quite sad on Day 12 that I was saying goodbye to the detox, but soon realised I wasn’t saying bye at all, but hello to a healthy new me!

    To sum up I give this detox 10 out of 10! Being a beauty journalist I’ve tried lots of detox products in my time, but this one takes some beating! It really change your attitude towards food. My diet has totally changed. I now start every day with a cup of hot water and lemon, drink at least one fresh juice a day, and opt for ‘healthier’ options for lunch and dinner. I don’t even crave my TV chocolate and wine fix at night! I’m even booking in for another colonic! I love that you cand do it without making too many adjustments – just make sure you do the Power Phase during a quiet weekend. The icing on the er, wheat-free cake was that I lost 7 pounds! So I’ve penciled in another detox for 6 months time…


  23. Millie Mackintosh

    Clare Forde – Director, Clare Forde Media & PR Ltd

    It’s been two weeks since I completed the Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse and WOWEE, I have been astounded by the results and how much I have learned about food and generally how the body and the digestive system work. I’ve always been a fairly healthy person, love to run and enjoy good food and wine but realised a couple of months ago that I had been burning the candles at both ends and was under a lot of stress which had led to snacking on sugary foods and relaxing with maybe a few too many glasses of wine in the evening…

    When I first met Chris I was inspired by his enthusiasm and knowledge and felt that I was ready to embrace and embark on my first ever detox programme. When I started the programme, I was surprised at how much I became totally immersed in every aspect of the Cleanse, studied menu’s, recipes, juices and generally how the body fights against the toxins we (not necessarily realise) we’re taking in on a daily basis. I have my own PR business working full-time as well as looking after my 6 year old daughter and I was surprised at how easy I was able to adapt the new routine in to my normal busy, frantic week. It was an easy and simplistic programme to follow and the literature provided was very helpful, easy to understand with plenty of top tips such as body-brushing every morning, massages or stretching. I also loved the ‘online’ aspect with the forum and looked forward to receiving Chris’s daily ‘pep-talk’ emails!

    Day 1 – 3 I found fairly easy and made plenty of vegetable stir-fry’s, stews and lentil dishes as well as juicing each morning (my fridge had never looked so healthy before!). On Day 2 I developed a cracking headache which I guess was withdrawal symptoms of no morning tea, coffee or the quick fix afternoon snack of Haribo’s or a biscuit…by Day 3 I felt I was beginning to lose the desire to reach for any of these quick-fixes but would have a rice-cake with hummus, olives or a date instead

    Day 4 – 6 On Day 4 I woke with a runny nose but again, I still felt ‘well’ and I read that this was a detox symptom and carried on tucking in to healthy salads (and found a great detox salad at Le Pain Quotidien!). By Day 6, I was actually enjoying myself immensely – I wasn’t even craving meat anymore and the thought of eating something sugary was far from my mind. The delicious juice recipes curbed any cravings and I also felt like I was eating 10x’s more than normal and felt full all the time but ‘lighter’ at the same time.

    Day 7 – 9 – The Power Phase – I was ready for this! I felt lighter, energised and tried so many different varieties of juice recipes. I hadn’t been looking forward to this phase but found it easier than the previous phases though by Day 9 I must admit I was looking forward to actually chewing a piece of solid food. I also took Chris’s advice and experienced my first colonic – amazing – any headaches or lethargy I had disappeared and I felt completely full of energy. The advice I had received from Chris and my therapist was paramount and I felt it really helped to enhance the benefits of a detox cleanse

    Day 10 – 12 – Back to solids! I took it easy as recommended and started the day at a breakfast meeting with melon and strawberries (accompanied with a juice) and then had a salad for lunch and veggie stir-fry for supper. I still felt full and was bizarrely missing the ‘juice-only’ phase

    Post cleanse I can honestly say my whole approach to my daily diet has changed. Not only has the Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse been one of the best beauty products I’ve tried; it has also been a wonderful insight and experience and provided me with a wealth of knowledge. My skin is clear, calm and glowing and I’ve receive many compliments on how great it looks. I lost 8 pounds in total resulting in all of my clothes feeling more comfortable and I feel more alert and clear-headed and less ‘puffy’. I’ve also introduced a ‘juice’ only day to my week and have been eating far more vegetables, fruit and pulses. I’ve not had a cup of tea or coffee (and haven’t felt like one!) and no sugary cravings in the afternoon!

    Complete Clarity!! Thank-you Chris for introducing me to the Cleanse. Amazing, fabulous and empowering – I will definitely be doing the Mind & Body Cleanse again.


  24. Millie Mackintosh

    Marcus Cauchi – Company Director

    Chris James does work miracles. I am 45 now, and have been morbidly overweight for most of my life.

    I met Chris about 7 or 8 years ago at a breakfast network, and he stuck in my mind. When he contacted me for some help with his recruitment, I am genuinely pleased I found myself asking about yoga and he agreed to teach me. After several months of yoga and plenty of water to flush out my system he finally let me go on to the Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse(TM). I’ll not lie; I was reluctant because I didn’t think I’d make it 12 days without meat, cheese, pasta or fried food.

    I cheated on day 1 and had some salmon. Day 2 I craved meat or fish but resisted. Day 3, no cravings and in fact, (get this …) I started enjoying my outrageously delicious and varied salads, my sprouting beans and lentils, my humous, sloshing around in olive oil, raw garlic, lime, coriander and a slew of spices and other herbs. I completed each stage of the cleanse looking forward to the next day of my adventure with healthy eating. Days 7, 8 and 9 I probably overdid the fruit (diabetes) a little but felt amazing and no symptoms to cause me concern, and then back to a gentle weaning off fruitarianism for the last 3 days.

    Working with Chris I have so far lost 55lbs from my highest weight in the summer of last year. I wake up without back pain and a spring in my step. I do my yoga and I feel euphoric all day. I can’t even look at the food I used to love without my stomach turning. And the quality of my life at home and at work have improved considerably.

    I went to the US last week for a conference and healthy food was surprisingly hard to find. I came back feeling bloated and like I was carrying a 5 gallon can of oil around inside me. I rushed out and bought ….SALAD, mackerel, humous and olives.

    My goal is to lose another 110lbs in 5 years though at this rate I’ll do that long before my birthday in 2018.

    Chris, amazing job!

    I should never have got to this point, but you are literally saving my life and giving me quality time back with my children and my wife. I can only think of one way to repay what I owe you; to live a long and healthy life with my family, friends and clients.”


  25. Millie Mackintosh

    Anne Shore – Artist Manager

    When I started the Cleanse, my body was literally in a state of mutiny – the combination of a lack of exercise, long-haul travel to a country which seems fulled by refined sugar, and then the Christmas indulgences!

    While it’s something of a cliche to start a detox or a Cleanse at the beginning of January, I felt compelled to kickstart a new regime with the aim of breaking out of some of the bad habits I had collected over the past six months, which had let me feeling so out of sorts and indeed out of shape.

    As a lifelong sufferer of inflammatory bowel disease, I’m more aware than most of the effects on our bodies of what we feed them and how our overall lifestyle can affect our health, body systems and ultimately our happiness and energy levels. I’m also a huge foodie (not a great combo with my condition!!) and somewhat short on willpower, but I didn’t find embarking upon the Cleanse particularly daunting, as the four phases are all very easy to follow and lead logically and naturally into one another. I was worried I’d miss things like meat and goats cheese and also how I’d cope with the withdrawal from things like fizzy drinks and gummy sweets that had crept into my daily diet.

    In fact, I had nothing to worry about, as I didn’t feel hungry at all, and even now, the best part of a week after completing the Cleanse, I haven’t even been tempted to the confectionary shelves. Quite the opposite – I’m clear now how they make my body feel, and I don’t enjoy that very much, so it’s an easy choice to pick up an apple instead!

    Coming through the first two stages, I was actually looking forward to the power phase, as I was already feeling full of energy, more focussed and sharper and my troublesome insides were much calmer. Not being constantly weighed down and hampered by angry and inflamed organs has been a HUGE change in my life! The power phase itself was enjoyable mostly because it gave me the opportunity to play with the blender and the juicer and create some wonderfully tasty concoctions which I will be continuing to do in ‘normal’ life.

    And as I came out of the final phase, I was feeling absolutely great -light, clean, energised (I was getting through about six spin classes a week and managed an office move during the Cleanse) and didn’t have a hint of a craving for sugar or stodgy foods, as I’d been experiencing prior to beginning the Cleanse. I am sleeping better, though not necessarily longer, I am much less tired, and I’ve lost all the excess weight I piled on over the previous couple of months. In fact, on the final day, I was lghter than I have been since my teens (I am in my early forties) and my face looked like ‘me’ again. I’m SO happy with the results and I’m determined to repeat the Cleanse every 10-12 weeks in order to keep my body and mind in great shape, and also to maintain the good habits I’m finally back into. Can’t thank Chris enough for amazing encouragement and a remarkably easy and fulfilling programme which I have already recommended to many friends.


  26. Millie Mackintosh

    Shen Kan – Accountant

    It’s been 6 weeks since I completed the 12-day Mind & Body Cleanse™, and what a difference it has introduced to my life!

    The program has totally exceeded my expectations, with the unintended benefits of quitting coffee and smoking at the same time as a Mind & Body detox!!! I wanted to allow myself some time to absorb these changes to my lifestyle and see for myself whether the benefits are long lasting, so here I am, 6 weeks on and I am ready to share my experiences 🙂

    Before the Mind & Body Cleanse™, I have never attempted any detox program or diet before, for two reasons – 1) I am a foodie 2) I believe in eating healthily rather than starving – surely if we provide our bodies with the nutrients that it needs to function properly, it’ll guide us towards what we need to eat and what to avoid?

    I had mixed feelings before I started the Mind & Body Cleanse™ – on the one hand it seems to make sense to have a detox complemented by nutritional supplements so you are not depleting yourself, and on the other hand I was very sceptical about the ‘won’t feel hungry’ claim.

    So there I was, after a lot of consideration, I thought it was time to just get on and do it, and find out for myself. Actually I found once you’ve prepared your mind for it, it’s easy. I followed Chris’s guidance diligently in terms of what to eat, I was amazed to find out I wasn’t hungry at all! I had more energy with less food and felt really good with a flat stomach 🙂 Still, I found the first week tough – because I stopped smoking and coffee at the same time, I found I had some withdrawal symptoms including mood swings and irritability.

    However, I stuck with the program and was pleased to see those symptoms fade away as I entered day 6. The only point that I felt any physical weakness was on the second day of juicing, but this wasn’t a problem as soon as I had some raw honey, which really helped to regain energy.

    Day 12 came a lot faster than I expected actually, as much as I was pleased with completing the program, I was a little sad to see it ending, as I was feeling fantastic by the end of it! The Mind & Body Cleanse™ is so much more than a detox to me, 6 weeks on, I am caffeine and cigarette-free, I feel a lot more connected with my ‘gut’, and my energy levels are getting better and better. I’ve carried on with juicing and am loving it!

    The predominant feeling that I have now when I think about the cleanse now is that I WANT TO BE ON IT AGAIN! I felt the best for years when I was on the cleanse, and it has certainly led me to a new phase – one that is certainly a lot juicier!


  27. Millie Mackintosh

    Madeleine Menzies – IT Consultant

    The first time I tried the cleanse was in preparation for a trip to a detox and yoga retreat abroad. It was just the kick-start I needed to abandon bad eating habits. The 12 day programme is the perfect length of time to commit to and I have found that my eating habits have changed for the good. I like to do the cleanse every 6 months and have just finish my third. I have lost weight, come down 2 dresses sizes and most importantly have oodles of energy and sleep is so much better. My skin looks fresher and my eyes clearer, and I look younger, all my friends are convinced I have had surgery! It’s amazing what can be achieved with the cleanse.


  28. Millie Mackintosh

    Gillian Edwards – ARCH Chairman

    To be perfectly honest I have been surprised at how I have felt over the last 12 days, and how my habits have changed for the better.

    As a consequence:

    I have realised how much tea I have been drinking and had got out of the habit of drinking herbal teas. Lesson learned. Drink less tea and more herbals.

    I have realised how much I have missed juicing. I have really enjoyed getting out my juicer and especially having cantaloupe melon and ginger for breakfast, Lesson learned. Do more juicing again.

    I really missed eating meat protein but realised how much I have been eating. Too much! Today I had my first meat in 12 days but with half the amount and twice the enjoyment. Lesson learned. Eat less animal protein.

    My first meal following the cleanse I had half the amount I had had pre cleanse and ate more slowly, savoured each mouthful and felt fuller quicker. Lesson learned. Eat smaller portions and eat more slowly.

    I have really enjoyed the muesli and especially the almond milk. The muesli is so lovely to eat, tasty and filling without being hard and too crunchy. Lesson learned. Reduce dairy and I have switched to almond milk on muesli. I will continue to eat Chris James muesli recipe as I prefer it to my previous branded (and more expensive variety). As does my husband!

    People have said I looked well and could tell I have lost weight! Fabulous! Glad they noticed and really glad all my clothes feel looser. Lesson learned Chris James cleanse has a noticeable effect.

    To summarise. There is nothing unpleasant about the cleanse and I will definitely do it again.

    I have lost half a stone, had a banging headache for a day, (Which surprised me to be honest!) but felt really well afterwards.

    It has brought to my attention the fact that I have been eating too much protein, and will reduce the amount by 50%. I have missed juicing, which is something I did daily for a couple of years so will be doing more of it again. I haven’t missed drinking tea, but have missed herbal teas which I will continue to do.

    It has made me think more about what I am eating and drinking is a positive way and I think that doing the cleanse twice a year is a really good way of reminding oneself of what you are eating and drinking.

    The on line support id great so you never feel you are on your own. Chris is available to answer any questions by email, the booklet that comes with the cleanse is really easy to follow and is very informative. I really like the fact that you get a list of foods that you can eat and foods that you can’t. The supplements support and underpin the whole cleansing process and I really do feel that my mind has been cleansed as well as my body as it has focused my attention back to what I am eating.

    So, the big question:

    Do I recommend Chris James mind and body cleanse. Absolutely Yes!


  29. Millie Mackintosh

    Giles Parker – Director – UBS Investment Bank

    It was another New Year approaching and like many of us my thoughts turned to purging my body of all the horibble toxins and after effects of excess during the Xmas party season. I wanted to shake off the self-loathing and restore my energy levels. My success rate in previous years with all manner of de-toxes and Janstinence in general was frankly poor. I either got bored, felt too constrained or ended up deciding the sacrifice and compromise was not leading to worthwhile results.

    This year I decided to take the advice that Chris has been giving me for a while now and try his Mind and Body Cleanse.


    This cleanse WORKS. It’s fantastic, actually, and this is why:

    1. I didn’t just feel better, I looked better (my skin felt smoother and tighter and my eyes brighter). This shouldn’t be a primary reason to do the cleanse but it really helps your motivation to keep going.

    2. I slept better. No caffeine meant better sleep (I still haven’t drank coffee since the end of the cleanse 1 month ago), but I think the real reason was I was not going to bed loaded up on hard to digest foods or heady from a few glasses of wine.

    3. I had higher energy levels. More and better sleep doesn’t explain this all. The energy I had was a clean and sharp energy. It was feeling of physical and mental alertness. I was more responsive at work, less easily irritated by setbacks and calmer in my approach to complex tasks.

    4. There is a clear and easy to follow structure to the cleanse. With the a step-by-step guide that tells you exactly how to approach each phase (4 of them in total) and I was not left feeling as if there was no end in sight, counting down the days until you can have that big blow out boozy session to reward yourself….in fact

    5. An unexpected boost I earned from the cleanse was that I naturally moderated my intake of alcohol and rich food POST cleanse. My desire to “re”tox was significantly diminished. I know what you’re thinking – it’s just because your tolerance fell. Perhaps. But you just feel less inclined to have that 3rd, 4th drink. Try it if you don’t believe me.

    6. I learned about how my body responds to certain foods. This process was educational for me and there are lasting changes to my diet that have a future beyond the 12 days de-tox itself. I learnt how important fibre and fruit are for healthy digestion. I learnt how frequently a vegetarian option can often by the tastiest on the menu . Most of all I learnt that my mood and my concentration levels are a function of what I’m consuming on a daily basis.

    This review wouldn’t be balanced if I didn’t mention some of the challenges.

    You do need to prepare sensibly and buy the right foods in advance. You particularly need the right kind of snacks available so you don’t go hungry or find yourself wasting time sourcing healthy convenience foods when most places want to sell you packaged junk. The Power Phase is the hardest bit and it’s wise to stagger it over a weekend so you can adjust to the liquid only diet with the minimum amount of interruption to work/daily routines. At times you’ll get cravings and impulses but I promise they do get less frequent. After 3 or 4 days you’ll be feeling one thing – I want to keep feeling like this.

    I recommend this cleanse wholeheartedly. You get more than 12 days of de-toxification from giving it a go. You’ll learn how your mood and your feelings are always going to be decided to some extent by the way you treat your body and in particular what you put inside it.

    So I’m left thinking of that Monty Python sketch – What have the Romans ever done for us? I’m sure you’ve seen it.

    Well, wasn’t it the Romans that first tried to teach us that a healthy body and a healthy mind are one and the same? They were right!

    Mens sana in corpore sano!


  30. Millie Mackintosh

    Emma Larvin – Model – Famously Fit

    Now I was truly amazed I managed this myself from home! It really suited me to have an actual program to follow. It was like a little project for me to work on, with clear steps and goals along the way. It really made me think about the read needs of my body and the quality of what I was putting in. I was extremely happy that my jeans fastened up again. All in all, this was a great detox/cleanse program that can easily be incorporated into normal life. Ideal to assist in weight loss or anytime you need a body spring clean.

    After going up a dress size recently I was delighted to try the Chris James Cleanse. This is a 12 day program that you follow and do yourself at home.

    So having mentally prepared (it’s hard going knowing no biscuits or brownies for 12 days) I was ready to go and actually excited at the arrival of my neat little Cleanse package.

    Now I have to say I was a little apprehensive about my willpower to do this from home and my ability to stick to this without been locked up – or the fridge locked! I have tried various detox programs and Cleanses before at home and always failed.

    But unable to fasten my jeans, I was prepared to give it my best shot.
    Inside the box was a booklet with instructions, guidelines and all the information you need. It’s really easy to understand and follow with lots of useful tips.

    There were 6 bottles of vitamins and a bottle of flaxseed oil all neatly placed in compartments. I liked the packaging so much I chose to leave it out and use the vitamins directly from the box.
    The 12 day cleanse was separated in to four phases:

    Preparation phase
    Pre-purification phase
    Power phase
    Maintenance phase

    Each phase had it’s own page of clear instructions which explained which vitamins to take and when.

    The Preparation Phase – This phase was pretty easy – cutting out the obvious – coffee, dairy & meat

    Pre-Purification Phase – This next phase was mainly about eating lots of fruit and vegetables – and as raw as possible. So far so good – not even any sugar cravings which surprises me. Maybe as I was getting so many nutriments my cravings were being curbed?

    The Power Phase – The power phase was 3 days of just drinking juices. I managed to get through surprisingly well too. I actually felt lighter and with more energy – not less. During this phase I also had the recommended colonic irrigation. I’ve had these before and think they are very good and definately assist with any Cleanse.

    The Maintenance Phase – This last phase as all about eating fruit and salads.

    And the Results?

    Now I was truly amazed I managed this myself from home! I think it must be due to all the vitamins and nutrients I was taking in – my naughty cravings were definitely reduced.

    It really suited me to have an actual program to follow. It was like a little project for me to work on, with clear steps and goals along the way. It really made me think about the read needs of my body and the quality of what I was putting in.

    Throughout the program, I walked my dog an hour a day and did a few yoga classes. Chris James also teaches yoga and I had a wonderful one on one session with him. He has a lovely calm energy and was a joy to take the class with. He chose to do gentle postures for me as I was very tired that day. Everything was explained and I left the class feeling nicely stretched and very relaxed. I think “gentle” is the key word for exercise whilst following the cleanse. You may not have loads of energy, but some light exercise definitely complements it.

    I was extremely happy that my jeans fastened up again.

    All in all, this was a great detox/cleanse program that can easily be incorporated into normal life.


  31. Millie Mackintosh

    Laurel Waldron – Freelance Writer, Fashion & Beauty Blogger, Sewing Teacher & Lingerie Designer

    It was so worth it – I did the programme, and my skin was clearer, I’m sleeping better, I had more energy and I generally just felt a lot ‘lighter’, like I had a sudden new spring in my step. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t hard, quite possibly the hardest thing I have done since attempting A Level chemistry, but it was a great experience that I can definitely recommend.

    I’m well aware that beauty is only skin deep, and no matter how many lotions and potions I slather on I am sure that deep down a change in diet might be the new season kick start I need to my beauty regime. And so it was that a few weeks ago I decided to partake in the Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse…

    A well-respected and much sought after name in the world of yoga, Chris James has an unrivalled passion for health and nutrition. With there seemingly being a million and one detox/weight loss/cleanse products on the market it’s hard to know which to choose. The purpose of the Cleanse is to “inspire you to transform the relationship you have with yourself and your own lifestyle”. Designed for those who over-eat and under-exercise, feel sluggish, bloated and overweight or need an immune system boost, it essentially consists of a strict diet which cuts out meat, dairy, bread, pasta, sugar, alcohol and caffeine (basically all the things my body survives on…) and encouraged to consume plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. There is a also a box of vitamins and supplements that are an essential part of the Cleanse, containing all the nutrients your body needs but will not be getting.

    The Mind & Body Cleanse is divided into four phases, each lasting three days, of which the Power Phase (Days 7-9) is the most difficult; it’s recommended that you plan in advance to do this over a quiet period (i.e. a weekend with nothing on when you are not a work…) – the reason for which will be explained later! So It was that I trundled off to Sainsbury’s one Saturday afternoon to fill my trolley with healthy things and wave a sad, albeit temporary, goodbye to my diet of chocolate Weetos and eggs on toast…

    The Preparation Phase: Days 1-3
    The first step was to eliminate the ‘No’ foods and introduce more of the ‘Yes’ foods to my diet, i.e. lots of fruit and veg, pulses, seeds, fruit and herbal teas. Not a bad start – I did get more creative with my salads – but admittedly by day 3 I was a bit twitchy as my body got used to going without it’s obligatory morning cup of tea and daily 3pm sugar hit. During this phase you start on the supplements before breakfast and dinner; these include Super Multi (an all-rounder including a number of vitamins and minerals), Milk Thistle (believed to improve liver function), Super Vitamin C (helps to eradicate the extra free radicals that are produced during cleansing) and Clean Green, So far so good…

    The Pre-Purification Phase: Days 4-6
    During this phase the diet is streamlined even more to prepare the body for the Power Phase. It involved eating as much raw food as possible and increasing the amount of supplements; these were bumped up to 8 a day, including Flaxseed Oil (rich in Omega 3 fatty acids – vile to swallow) and a Pure Probiotic containing nine strains of ‘friendly’ bacteria. After the initial lethargic three day slump of going without sugar to pep me up, I had started to feel better by this point and seemed to be waking up a bit. It helped that this was when the weather began to improve – if I’d attempted this when it was cold and rainy I fear I would have succumbed to the comfort of cheese on toast…

    The Power Phase: Days 7-9
    Otherwise known as the tough one. During the Power Phase one may only consume fresh fruit and raw vegetable juices, at least six 300ml glasses per day. I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to cope… There are a number of great recipe ideas on the Chris James website, such as Green Wonder (melon, kiwi, pear and lime) and Carotene Catapault (carrot, red pepper, broccoli and sweet potato) but I quite enjoyed getting creative. One of the nicest juices is very simply a mix of berries – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Yummy. I see why it’s best to do this phase over a quiet weekend; within about 5 hours you are literally hallucinating about lasagne, followed by a tub of Haagen Dazs and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. I feared I couldn’t do it alone, so spent the night with a friend who had done a similar cleanse before so we could juice together as a team! It was hard work – my concentration levels went out the window as all I could think about was food. I felt tired and had to have a couple of naps, and admittedly I did cut the phase down to just two days; I couldn’t take a day off work for it and I really would have been no use whatsoever had I been juicing in the office while everyone else tucked into chocolate buttons… In spite of this I didn’t really feel hungry during the Power Phase; one of the supplements – Supercleanse – contains the naturally fibrous psylliam husk which swells in the gut to keep you feeling full.

    The Maintenance Phase: Days 10-12
    The first food after the Power Phase felt like a banquet, even if it was just a bowl of fruit! The aim now was to ease myself back into real food; fruit, veg and light salads to enable my body to get used to eating again, while still taking the supplements (I admit by now they were getting a little harder to swallow each time…). It was worth it – I lost nearly half a stone in the 12 days I did the cleanse, my skin was clearer, I’m sleeping better, I had more energy and I generally just felt a lot ‘lighter’, like I had a sudden new spring in my step. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t hard, quite possibly the hardest thing I have done since attempting A Level chemistry, but it was a great experience that I can definitely recommend.


  32. Millie Mackintosh

    Danielle Sellwood – Creative Director

    I have lost weight around my face which has taken years off. I definitely have more energy having completed the Cleanse and am more alert – For me the important thing was to re-think what I eat and it certainly helped break the cycle of always reaching for the unhealthy processed foods. It was a useful and educating experience and I would recommend to anyone wanting to kick-start a diet or new regime.

    I will be honest it was a joy to get back to food and I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a bowl of HOT soup so much! The final three days were a breeze in comparison to the juice only phase and I was quite strict because I did not want to ruin all the good work. I stuck to vegetables and salads with a few nuts and dates for snacking and fruit for desserts.

    On my first day after the Cleanse, I even managed to restrict myself to just one of the lovely chocolates I had been saving for this moment (Pink Champagne truffles from Hotel Chocolat) and spent some time planning some healthy meals to add into my weekly routine. I will definitely eat more lentils and pulses, sweet potatoes and salad as a result of doing this Cleanse. I also now really like ginger, whereas before it made me feel slightly nauseous, and luckily I am not put off carrot juice because I love it!

    Day 9 – Danielle
    Hooray, this is the last day of juice only, I make a bottle of orange and apple as that is all I have left and head to the office. Realising that one bottle is not enough, I cheat and buy a bottle of apple and cherry which claims to be organic and free from additives. I know this is not the same, but it will have to do.
    Suprisingly today I am feeling fine, I think I am getting used to it! And in a way I am a little sad that we are nearly at the end. I know this sounds mad, but I love a challenge and have enjoyed the process from a ‘Can I do it? Can I not? point of view.

    So my tummy still rumbles all afternoon, but I can handle it better today. I am now looking forward to eating a salad and some soup tomorrow.

    Day 8 – Danielle
    Monday morning and I am late for work, juicing and preparing for the days supply takes ages. The morning is fine and I reach for the carrot juice at around 12 noon, but it goes in a flash and my head is telling me that I actually want to eat something – as in chomp, chew, munch, my mouth wants to do something!

    By around 3pm I am really quite hungry and my stomach is rumbling, so I have some more hot water and ginger and try to put it out of my mind. It’s a busy day, so pretty quickly the time passes and I head home around 6pm to make some more juice. This is definitely the hardest stage and although not tempted to break the rules, I am not really comfortable and find myself slightly distracted by the hunger pangs.

    I take a long bath and go to bed early to take my mind off it!

    Day 7 – Danielle
    Today is the first day of juice only and not only that but I have to take a total of 11 supplements and two tablespoons of Flaxseed oil. The supplements are proving the biggest challenge for me and it takes me ages to get through them with my two glasses of water and hot water and lemon.

    My juice however is nice and I do enjoy the novelty of trying different flavours, mind-you it is Sunday and I have the time. There is not much to say about my food diary today, as it was a simply various combinations of apples, pears, carrots, melon, ginger and oranges. I did sit and sniff my family’s brunch of veggie sausages, baked beans, mushrooms and eggy bread though – not sure if that helped.

    In the evening I went to my daughters two hour ballet show. It only happens every four years as it is such a mammoth task, so I did not want to ruin it by my tummy rumbling at the most poignant moment so I took a large bottle of carrot and ginger.

    At the interval I cheated and ate a few grapes – what really is the difference between a whole grape and a squashed one? And drank more carrot juice. I realise I sound like a ridiculous celebrity as I write ‘I ate a few grapes’. In the normal world I would scoff and laugh at this statement, however I justify it as part of the experiment and definitely only short-term. Two days to go ….

    Day 6 – Danielle
    Today is the last day of raw food, which is now feeling like a gourmet feast compared to the three days of juice only which is looming. I am now starting to feel a bit nervous, but my juicer has arrived from my friend and we test it out to take my mind off things. It’s really easy and I do love juice, my children are enjoying the novelty too and we have fun trying out various combinations. The process is very time consuming though and fine for the weekend, but I am not sure how I will cope on work days.

    After various snacks and lunch of rice cakes, salad, more nuts and dates and some juice, I head out for a gentle run. I don’t want to totally lose all the hard work I have put into my barefoot running, so I just do a three mile jog which includes walking up some very steep and muddy hills. It’s lovely though and the windy route gives me lovely views and lots of very fresh air! Back home to a few more dates and nuts and an apple to try to prevent depletion.

    My evening meal is another large salad, which is lovely and I am not even tempted by my sons’ beans on toast with grated cheese – well maybe a little bit by the cheese! I round off my meal with another apple and feel fine, but very apprehensive about tomorrow.

    Day 5 – Danielle
    Again it is a rush to get out of the door and to school in between prepping everything I need for the day. But I manage and I feel fine, breakfast in the office is rice cakes and hazelnut butter again (not sure if rice cakes are strictly raw) and follow-up with an apple and some herbal tea. Lunch is early in order to fit in a game of badminton with my mum friends. I do enjoy the salad, but it does take an age to eat the copious amount of spinach leaves I have piled onto my plate.

    Badminton is fine, I am not flagging at all, but the next part is the challenge – post game latte and cake…I eat an apple on the way to the cafe and then order an orange juice. My fellow team members, just have the one brownine between them, which is very restrained and gallant of them. Suprisingly, I am not even tempted and the coffee and milk does not appeal at all.

    Back to work and I do a quick search for more raw recipes – I need some inspiration, but it’s not that easy to find a good supply even though I am pretty adept at scouring the internet. Evening meal therefore consists of more salad, seeds and half an avocado, which I think is pretty impressive considering I am also cooking pizza and chips for my children’s Friday night treat.

    Normally on a friday evening I am snoring on the sofa by around 7pm, but this friday I am alarmingly alert and wide awake…
    …it is starting to freak my family out!

    Day 4 – Danielle
    My day to do the school run, so no time to relax into this stage. It’s in at the deep end with my hot water and lemon, nine tablets and two glasses of water. I can’t get the lid off the bottle of flaxseed oil so I put it in my bag with all my other snacks and lunch and fly out the door. On the walk we meet up with some friends and the mum tells me that I am looking glowing – I am not sure if she is just being kind!

    At my desk I tuck into the flaxseed oil, It’s not as bad as I had expected, quite nutty in fact, and wash it down with a mint tea, some ricecakes and hazelnut spread and an apple. Mid morning and I have the munchies…so I eat a Bear blueberry yoyo (all fruit) which has just arrived from Taste PR, it is delicious but maybe not quite enough to satisfy so I have a few almonds as well. To be honest I am not actually hungry, I am just in the habit of snacking – lesson one!

    Lunch is a whole avocado, because I want to go for a jog later, with a large plate of salad and mange tous sprinkled with garlic olive oil. It’s nice, but takes me ages to eat.

    Back on the school run and home, I have some juice and dates and then head out for my jog around six thirty.

    All is fine, I take it pretty easy and just do half an hour. This is followed by yet more salad but I do sneak in some brown rice just to re-fuel.

    I too am doing some dry skin brushing before showers and baths, tonight I enjoy a Tisserand ginger, lemongrass and rosemary bath oil that I am testing. It is lovely. More suplements and copious amounts of water and then to bed.

    Day 3 – Danielle
    Today I am out and about at meetings so it will be interesting to see if I can resist the temptations at the train station! I start the day with porridge and rice milk followed by an apple. On the train I munch on nuts and dates and a satsuma. All is fine, I don’t feel lacking in energy and I am not tempted as I breeze through Paddington station and negotiate the underground.

    At my first meeting there are chips, sandwiches and tea and coffee on offer – how mean! I mingle with the other journo’s and laugh about my predicament. Luckily we are in a smart hotel and there are apples displayed beautifully in the foyer, so I help myself to one. Meeting over and just as I am about to leave, delicious cupcakes are brought out….time to leg it I think!

    Next meeting is in a cafe, again not ideal, but I plump for courgette and sweet corn soup. I realise it probably has salt in it, but it is warm and satisfying and as good as I can realistically manage. Final meeting is also in a cafe, well, actually a smart bar/restaurant. I study the menu, trying to avoid eye contact with the yummy delights on offer…grilled sea bass with lemon butter and garlic mash – this is the first time I have realised what I am missing. However I then spot fresh carrot and ginger juice, perfect – I have two of these and they are delicious – thank-you Canteen at the South Bank.

    Back to the train station, my train is delayed. This is testing my resolve. I have another apple, finally get on the train home and eat three rice cakes with hummus that I brought with me. Home late at around 9.30, so I warm up a bit of the left over carrot and lentil soup and have another satsuma – phase one complete.

    Day 2 – Danielle
    I sip my lemon water as we all rush around trying to get out of the house on time. No time for breakfast, so I take my porridge, cranberries and rice milk in a flask to eat at my desk.

    Lunch is my left over bean stew and chopped up sweet potato with some fresh spinach. I confess though, I did heat it up in the microwave because the prospect of this cold is too much to bear. After lunch I cycle over to my appointment with Caroline Peppercorn the Foot Health Professional who is assessing my feet for the barefoot running blog. She gives me a warm cup of oatmilk and malted barley syrup – delicious and I hope it is in the rules. After my treatment.

    In the evening I make lentil and carrot soup…a bit too thick really but very filling and follow-up with a satsuma and some dates and nuts. All fine, and it’s good to be considering healthier options for supper as normally it would be a quick bowl of pasta or noodles which can get very dull! The evening is rounded off by a call from my mum, she is calling to check I am ok and is worried that I am a) not eating much, b) working to hard, c) running with no food in me. She doesn’t sound totally convinced by my answers, so if you are reading this mum – honestly I am fine!

    I don’t eat meat, but removing fish, dairy and pasta is going to be tough. I usually eat pasta at least a couple of times a week, and I eat dairy more than once a day, every day.

    After this I take a cocktail of supplements, provided as part of the cleanse pack, which will ensure I am not missing out on any vitamins that I would normally get through my regular diet. They have been specifically created to maximise the efficiency of the cleanse.

    For lunch I have a rocket salad with sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot. I made a dressing from extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper. I often have salad for lunch so this is fine for me, but I would usually have some cheese or maybe a bread roll with it too.

    I’m starving by dinner! I try one of the recipes suggested on the Chris James Cleanse website – borlotti bean stew with jacket sweet potato. It’s actually really yum, and even my boyfriend tucks into it happily – although I did add some sausages into his!

    All in all day one has been really simple, hopefully it’s a good sign of things to come.

    Danielle – Day one
    I don’t eat meat, only occasionally eat fish and rarely drink alcohol, so this stage is not too stressful. I started with hot lemon and water and added a little honey. Then took the supplements and waited for an hour or so before having some muesli with rice milk. The rice milk was actually rather nice, and I would be happy to use it more often if it were not so much more expensive than cows milk.

    I have been shopping for a few snacks – I have some nuts and dates mid afternoon and an apple. All is fine, I even have a herbal tea mid afternoon and feel perfectly satisfied that I have eaten enough. In fact I am probably eating too much. Having been a fairly serious athlete in the past I am paranoid about not having enough fuel in the tank, but the truth is I am no longer a serious athlete and don’t need to eat so much!
    For supper I have the same as louise, sweet potato and tomato and bean stew with mushrooms – It’s so good my family all want some too. So far so good – plenty of water and cups of warm water instead of tea and I feel fine.


  33. Millie Mackintosh

    Louise Hudson – Editor

    “I was rather sceptical of this before I did it, as I am not a believer in fad dieting or crazy regimes, I’m more of the everything in moderation type. But I would say I am now somewhat converted to the power of this Cleanse – I certainly get it now!

    Starting the year off with a regime like this feels really therapeutic. Not only is it obviously good to remove processed and fatty foods from your diet, but for me I really enjoyed the discipline of it and was amazed at my willpower. I never thought I had the strength to do something like this – maybe that’s half the reason why I have never done it before.

    And while I already had a fairly healthy diet there are lessons from the Cleanse that I will try and adopt into my everyday eating habits now it’s over. I was already aware that I didn’t eat enough fruit and this has really hammered that point home.

    One word of advice: if you have the luxury of taking time off for the Power Phase I do think this is a better option.”

    I am not a detox girl, I’ve never even been on a diet so I’m not sure how easy I am going to find this. But the reason that the Chris James Cleanse appealed is that he very clearly states it’s not about weight loss, instead the focus is on mental clarity, feeling more energised and creating long term better eating habits. All of which I’m sure we could do with more of.

    The day before I begin the 12 day plan I sit down and read from start to finish the brochure that comes with the cleanse plan. It explains how the 12 days are broken down in to four phases, and exactly what I should and shouldn’t be eating during those different stages. We then make a shopping list, as it’s clear we’re going to need to be fairly organised in order to stick to the rules.

    The final three days and conclusion – Louise

    I was rather sceptical of this before I did it, as I am not a believer in fad dieting or crazy regimes, I’m more of the everything in moderation type. But I would say I am now somewhat converted to the power of this Cleanse – I certainly get it now!

    Starting the year off with a regime like this feels really therapeutic. Not only is it obviously good to remove processed and fatty foods from your diet, but for me I really enjoyed the discipline of it and was amazed at my willpower. I never thought I had the strength to do something like this – maybe that’s half the reason why I have never done it before.

    And while I already had a fairly healthy diet there are lessons from the Cleanse that I will try and adopt into my everyday eating habits now it’s over. I was already aware that I didn’t eat enough fruit and this has really hammered that point home.

    One word of advice: if you have the luxury of taking time off for the Power Phase I do think this is a better option.

    Day 9 – Louise
    I wake up thinking today’s going to be easy as I know I only have one more day to go, before I can start introducing foods again. But I was wrong; it actually turns out to be my hardest day yet. Whether this is because I know I am so close to the finish line that I can almost smell the freshly baking bread who knows?!
    I don’t feel starving but my stomach doesn’t feel right, just an empty feeling I guess. My concentration is also quite poor today and I find my mind drifting off from work constantly. All in all, I just feel like I need a good meal. ‘Well that’s not rocket science,’ huffs my boyfriend when I complain to him about it.

    The juices still taste good, but I’m just feeling a bit sick of them. It’ll all be worth it, I tell myself as I down the night time supplements and head to bed for an early night, dreaming of solid food!

    Day 8 – Louise
    Despite having to get up to go to the loo twice in the night (I’m peeing all the time on this cleanse!) I have a really good night sleep. Often if I wake in the night I find it really hard to get back to sleep again, but since starting this cleanse I am sleeping like a log.

    I’m expecting to feel a bit low this morning after finding yesterday so hard, but I spring out of bed despite it still being pitch black outside. After my shower I also realise that both my skin and my hair are both looking really healthy.

    I spend the day working from home which means I have easy access to fruit and my juicer, this certainly makes it easier. My kitchen looks like a fruit shop!

    I make a whole variety of different juices, some sweet, some savoury, and they all taste delicious. I get through the day with surprising ease, and break it up with stretching sessions and three 15 minute walks as recommended.

    It’s only by 8pm that I start to feel a bit hungry, and really can’t stomach any more juice, so I take my evening supplements earlier than normal hoping that the Super Cleanse ones fill me up. They must work as by bed time I’m not feeling hungry any more and I get another great night’s sleep.

    Day 7 – Louise
    The first day of the Power Phase. This is the part I was dreading when I first read about the cleanse as I had no idea how I would survive on a diet of fresh juice only…well now is the time to find out. For the next 3 days its recommended I have around six 300ml juices a day…and that’s it. Except for even more supplements than I’d already been taking, including 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil.

    I’m told to clear out my diary and make time for doing, well not very much at all, other than juicing! The lovely people at John Lewis have loaned me a flashy new juicer, and it arrived yesterday so I’m all set up to go.

    My other half puts himself in charge of the first juicing session as he figures the novelty of juicing may last longer for me this way. He comes up with an apple, pear and lime combination – I’m relieved that it comes out tasting a lot better than it looks (a dark greeny colour), and I really enjoy my first juice….maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

    As the day goes on I’m surprised by how easy it is to juice, and what great flavours you can easily create. But with all the juicing, cleaning and then drinking it’s almost a full time job. Lucky it’s the weekend.
    I go to bed feeling a little dispirited and wonder how on earth I am going to do this for another 2 days.

    Day 6 – Louise
    I wake up after 10 hours of solid sleep. I’ve been sleeping so well since I started this process, a definite plus point for me, and probably the main change I have noticed in myself so far.

    The hot lemon is starting to go down much easier, and I take my supplements. Even an hour after getting up I’m still not feeling hungry but I mix up a bowl of fruit for breakfast and pick away at it over the course of the next hour. It’s delicious with mixed berries, pear and apple but I don’t really have much of an appetite for it which seems strange.

    The rest of day goes much the same way, and I find meals being missed and I’m just grazing instead. Two of my favourite foods, olives and hummus are allowed on this cleanse, and them along with carrot and red pepper sticks, and an avocado make up the rest of my day’s intake. Balanced meals? No. Raw food? Yes. I’m left wondering if it’s normal to have such a lack of appetite? Looking on the bright side at least it should make the next 3 days easier……

    I head out in the afternoon for a leisurely walk for about 45 minutes and feel good and full of energy. I’m quite surprised by this given my lack of real meals today.

    Day 5 – Louise
    Surprisingly by lunch time I’m not even feeling hungry. I’m thinking that my body must be getting more used to this when I read in the notes that the two Supercleanse supplements I took this morning contain a natural fibrous agent that swells up in my stomach to make me feel full. I’m not wholly sure I like the sound of this….
    My lack of hunger means good intentions go out with the window and lunch ends up being more a collection of ingredients than an inspired meal, but I enjoy it all the same. I grill some asparagus, but the rest of its all raw – cherry tomatoes, avocado, red pepper and sugar snap peas. Feel surprisingly satisfied at the end of it.

    I’m struggling to know what to make that is essentially all raw other than salad, so once again I sit down to eat salad but I cheat on the all raw rule by roasting some butternut squash and add that to it. It’s cold outside and I’m dying for something warm and hearty…and raw food is certainly not that.

    Day 4 – Louise
    The Pre-Purification Phase means trying to only eat raw foods. So once again it’s salad for lunch…and I am starting to get bored after four days in a row. I haven’t been exercising whilst on the Cleanse as I’ve also been battling a cold, but right now I don’t feel like I would have the energy to run very far anyway.

    By dinner time I’m realizing that the challenge for me is coming up with raw foods that I want to eat….so it’s yet more salad and I cheat a little by roasting some butternut squash to have with it. I sprinkle on some pumpkin seeds, add a homemade lemon and basil dressing and it’s not too bad. For the first time I fully realise that this may be quite tough…. I fear I am already bored of the foods on the ‘yes’ list and must get more creative to make it through the 12 days.

    Day 3 – Louise
    It’s the final day of the preparation phase today and I wake feeling good. I’m reassured that this first section has really not been much of a struggle at all. Perhaps if you are used to eating lots of processed foods, or pre made meals, it would be a different story.

    My breakfast once again is half a melon and an apple (creature of habit? me?) but I find that I am getting hungry much earlier than with my usual bowl of muesli, so lunch gets brought forward to 12 which is early for me.

    I whizz up a salad with bean sprouts, beetroot, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and hummus – it’s tasty, but I am starting to really miss my dairy products and look through the list of allowed foods and wished I bought an avocado to pad it out a bit more.

    In the afternoon I spend half an hour doing some yoga as this is encouraged throughout the cleanse, and also head outside for a walk as the rest of the day is just spent at my desk.

    By dinner I’m starving and I make one of the suggested recipes form the Chris James Cleanse website – Smoked paprika Cannelini cassoulet – described as “a delicious vegan variation on the traditional cassoulet. The hearty texture & smokiness of the paprika ensure this is a very satisfying dish.” I have to say I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this but was pleasantly

    Day 2 – Louise
    Again the day starts with hot lemon water, and I’m still not loving this part! It has taken me almost half an hour to get through the large mug. Sounds ridiculous i know, but I’m just not used to hot drinks. I take the 6 different kinds of supplements required, some double doses, and then tuck into fruit for breakfast. Again it’s half a melon and an apple.

    By lunch I’m dying for something warm. The cleanse notes say that stir frying is a good option because even though the heat is high the veg is only cooked for a very short time so it retains the nutrients. So I stir fry some vegetables – mushroom, corn, asparagus, onion, carrot, peppers – it’s ok but is crying out for some soy sauce or sweet chilli – neither of which are allowed!

    I’m in on my own tonight, and as I still have some leftovers from last night’s bean stew it’s more of the same for dinner. It’s tasty but I’m really craving something sweet afterwards. I’ve got a real sweet tooth and love chocolate and biscuits, and am starting to really miss not just being able to pick at a treat after a savoury meal. Perhaps this is one of the bad habits the cleanse will break me from?

    Day 1 – Louise
    For the first 3 days the main rules are no meat, fish, dairy or carb loaded foods like pasta, bread and noodles. Plus you need to eliminate tea, coffee and alcohol. Doing this in January is a good time, because after all the excessive eating and drinking over Christmas I’m more than happy to ditch the booze, and as I don’t drink tea or coffee anyway at least that’s one rule I shouldn’t find too hard to stick too!


  34. Millie Mackintosh

    Tony Tregidgo – Information Security

    I was concerned that such a radical change of diet would affect my

    ability to perform at work. However, the complete opposite happened..

    throughout the cleanse I felt very clear-headed. I was able to really

    get stuck into my work, and seize every opportunity that came my way. I

    felt my awareness increased – reading situations, spotting movements I

    normally wouldn’t see, and with an increased gusto to take action.

    I learnt a lot about how to eat differently, and broke down a lot of

    barriers about having to eat dairy and meat all the time. By stripping

    out so much from my diet, I got a better idea about how different types

    of food affect me.

    I have taken a lot out of this, have much better awareness of what I

    need to do in order to re-couperate and give myself a boost. I have

    become less dependant on a lot of previously “staple” foods which don’t

    really do anything for me.

    My skin felt very smooth, I was sleeping really well. Friends mentioned

    that I have lost weight even though I’d made no effort to shed any.

    So for me, this wasn’t just about a short term health boost, it was an

    educational experience, and part of a lifestyle change.

    In summary, an incredibly worthwhile experience.


  35. Millie Mackintosh

    Rowena – Cosmetic Candy – Blogger

    After the mind and body cleanse I have to say I feel like my insides are working much better, my tummy feels calm (I used to get a strong acidic burning feeling in my stomach a lot but that’s gone).

    My skin does look a lot better and I sleep better too. I would really recommend this Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse to anyone who is in need for a refresh, anyone who is feeling sluggish or wants to drop some pounds but in a healthy way, not just a eat-really-odd-food way.

    It’s a cleanse not like other ones I’ve tried before – you get a big pack of 7 supplements and a booklet which tells you what to do. The diet is essentially vegan, with a power phase, which is like fasting (you have a liquid only diet).

    What I like about it so far:
    – It’s just 12 days. Even I can do 12 days.
    – The 12 days is split into 4 phases, meaning it doesn’t feel like a long term jail sentence.
    – Most people experience WEIGHT LOSS!
    – Actually more important than that, you are supposed to feel a lot better, less sluggish, with a better digestive system etc – all of this I really really do need.
    Started my day with some hot water and lemon, and some oat porridge with sultanas. I’ll let you know how I get on!

    I’ve tried a number of unusual detoxes and diets in my time so when I heard about the Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse I was very interested to give it a go.

    Bit of background; the Mind & Body Cleanse is a 12 day system, split into 4 phases which will help you detox your system. Each segment is only around 3 days long so that it’s not too much of a slog, and you get a number of supplements to help.

    There is a lot of information about the cleanse on the official website but it’s basically a way of giving your insides a break from all the processed food, alcohol, caffeine, preservatives and so on that we consume. As well as this benefit, it can help you lose weight and improve your general health an you should notice better skin, sparkling eyes etc.

    Essentially the food consumed over the 12 days is vegan, and alkaline (a lot of the processed foods we eat is acidic).

    How did I do? Well, more on the results, later!

    In each tub is a high quality supplement. You do not want to lose the booklet that comes with this because there’a handy guide on the back which tells you when to have which supplement.

    The tablets are not particularly small and they do smell quite strong! I guess that’s because they are potent. My least favourite one was the Vitamin C, of all things, it had the worst smell. You also get a bottle of flaxseed oil to take.

    Day 1-3: The Preparation Phase
    This is the straightforward phase, just cutting out the foods from the NO list. No dairy, no milk, no processed food, no coffee or tea. Its so funny to think that this is the total opposite of the Dukan diet which is all meat and dairy, but then again, that isn’t a detox.

    I found this phase easy enough. I cooked the chilli’s and ate a lot of sweet potato (that’s allowed!) but what I missed so much was coffee, my beloved sweet nectar.

    Supplements are a bit big, but nothing major. Tummy feels emptier, and toilet habits are, er, regular.

    Day 4-6: The Pre-Purfication Phase
    The diet changes slightly now as I have to eat more raw food (yak) and take the flaxseed oil. The supplement intake goes up to 8 a day. I feel fine to be honest because I like lentil type things anyway but the mother is following me around with a chocolate cake and saying “Are you sure? are you sure?”

    Day 7-9: The Power Phase
    This is the hard bit as now, it’s all raw juices – 6x 300ml glasses per day. Actually I knew I could do this because I find juices really filling.

    The best time to do this phase is the weekend or when you aren’t committed to anything else so you can focus on it. I may have eaten the odd piece of fruit or something during this time but overall, it was ok. During this time you feel very ‘empty’ and the Supercleanse which contains Psyillum Husk keeps you feeling full.

    You are supposed to go for a colonic irrigation if you can in this phase. I looked around for a few places near me that did it but then it never did, erm, materialise.

    You need to really plan for this phase and get your bits and pieces together or be like me and go to the juice bar and spend a fortune.

    Days 10-12
    Back to eating now, but eating well! This is the phase where you can easy food like fruit, veg and salad back into your routine.There’s still 11 supplements to take a day and probiotic power and flaxseed oil which is not becoming a real chore – but it’s nearly over!

    After the mind and body cleanse I have to say I feel like my insides are working much better, my tummy feels calm (I used to get a strong acidic burning feeling in my stomach a lot but that’s gone)

    My skin does look a lot better and I sleep better too. Since the diet has ended I have started eating meat again but I always think about how long it stays in the digestive system more – yuck – so have cut down. As for dairy I’ve completely moved to milk alternatives, I feel much better that way.

    I would really recommend this Chris James Mind & Body Detox to anyone who is in need for a refresh, anyone who is feeling sluggish or wants to drop some pounds but in a healthy way, not just a eat-really-odd-food way.


  36. Millie Mackintosh

    Beach Bum Beauty – Jayne Hardy – blogger

    Wahoo I’ve finished the Chris James 12 Day Mind and Body Cleanse Programme and boy, it was hard. Hard but totally worthwhile. In just 12 days, I have dropped a dress size and feel clean. I no longer crave junk food and no longer feel as though I want chocolate every day. I am much more aware of what I am putting into my body…..

    I am just about to embark on the Chris James Mind and Body Cleanse. It is a 12 day programme which is supposed to increase your energy levels, boost your immune system, give you glowing skin, help you drop a dress size and eradicate toxins.

    This is the Preparation Phase which lasts for 3 days before the Pre-Purification Phase which also last for 3 days. During the second stage, I have to take 9 supplements before breakfast including a tablespoon of flaxseed oil.

    Before bed I have to take 3 supplements and a tablespoon of pure probiotic. EEK!

    Then onto what I think will be the hardest 3 days ever – the Power Phase! 3 days of consuming nothing but raw, fresh juices. But don’t you worry, apparently the Supercleanse formula I have to take before breakfast and before bed will swell up in my tummy making me feel full. Ok. Oh and how could I possibly forget to mention the colonic hydrotherapy I am supposed to have during this period. That in itself is frightening the bejeezus out of me. Will I, won’t I!?! I certainly don’t like the thought of it but at the same time I want to do this programme properly…… brrr gives me shivers just thinking about it.

    The last phase is the Maintenance Phase where I’m allowed to eat again. Well sort of. The bread, dairy etc is still banned but at least I’ll be able to eat salad again – the joy!
    So in all seriousness, I am going to find it mega hard to not have my usual morning cuppa as well as my daily 4pm treat such as a Calippo or chocolate but I do feel determined to do this to see if it really works. I have been considering committing to the raw food diet for some time now so here goes…..wish me luck – I’ll see you on the other side.

    Yesterday was the first day of the Chris James Mind and Body Cleanse which is a 12 day programme. To be honest, I didn’t help myself by drinking a pint and a half of diet coke on Tuesday evening because I then had a really restless night’s sleep and all I wanted yesterday morning for breakfast was a bacon butty with brown sauce. I had a bowl of porridge for breakfast with maple syrup. This was by far the highlight of my day. I’ve never had maple syrup before and it’s delicious – can’t wait to have it on spelt pancakes!

    Lunch was a massive salad with hummous and dinner was a plate of dry roasted veg. Surprisingly, I haven’t yet been hungry but I do feel a bit light-headed and headachey (remind me why I’m doing this again?!) I did some research online and found that it’s normal to feel this way and I probably will do until day 4 eek! Fingers crossed.

    Apart from that, I’m not missing bread or pasta but I am missing chocolate BIG time. I’d previously been having a bar every day and really miss the sugar. I also miss cups of tea. I didn’t realise how fussy I was until I was faced with 12 days of water, herbal tea, fruit tea, or lemon in hot water; none of which I am particularly fond of. I’m wishing my juicer would hurry up and arrive because then I’ll be well away.

    Saturday was the worst day, we both felt so lethargic that we sat and watched dvd’s all day. I had major pangs for Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food as this is our Saturday ‘thing’. We felt a bit hard done by and because we felt lethargic and didn’t do anything, all we could think about was food. How we didn’t cave in I do not know but I think it helps that we can see a change in our body shape and also our skin which has never been so radiant. It also didn’t help that we had to start taking the probiotic powder in water before bed. It smells of banana milkshake and oh how I wish it tasted that way!

    Sunday was a different story (yup, this is turning out to be some rollercoaster). We felt energised, relaxed and more determined. I made a lovely lentil curry for dinner which was so tasty, I’ll be making it again. I underestimated how difficult it would be to find ways of eating vegetables and brown rice that feels satisfying.

    The Supercleanse supplements mean that we don’t feel in the least bit hungry but when you do eat, you want it to taste ‘lick your lips’ good. We also tried out our juicer over the weekend. The first one we made was celery and grapefruit. It was awful, I couldn’t finish mine. The second one I made was fruit aplenty. It had strawberries, raspberries, apple, grapes, pear and orange. It was much better than the first but I think next time I’ll make it without the orange. Surprisingly filling too.

    All in all, it has been a bit up and down to say the least. But the worst is yet to come folks for tomorrow is juicefest! We’re allowed 6 glasses of fruit juice and nowt else for 3 days. Bonkers or what?! I keep thinking to myself, halfway there, halfway there……….

    Wahoo I’ve finished the Chris James 12 Day Mind and Body Cleanse Programme and boy, it was hard. Hard but totally worthwhile. In just 12 days, I have dropped a dress size and feel clean. I no longer crave junk food and no longer feel as though I want chocolate every day. I am much more aware of what I am putting into my body.

    The juice days were a killer but this was mostly my fault as the programme says the juice days should be done at the weekend when you can relax but me being me jumped right into the plan and the juice days fell on really busy work days. Because I was so busy, I felt light headed and awfully tired. I was so glad when I they were over and I could eat again.

    I chickened out of the colonic in the end and I have to say I actually regret this, I feel as though I cheated myself out of feeling the best I could.

    When I’d finished the programme, I did feel slightly nervous about what to eat. My way of life before the programme was healthy (ish) but still included far too many carbs. I am finding I have to think about food a lot more and be more organised so that I don’t reach for convenience foods.
    Both Beach Bum Hubby and I have decided to stick with rice milk and give up dairy. I will eat carbs still but instead of doorstop chunks of bread, I will stick to pitta bread and spelt or rye bread and only ocassionally.

    Because you weren’t allowed to add salt to any meals during the programme, you can really taste salt in foods which further puts me off jars of sauces etc. I no longer want to drink a cup of tea which is weird as I drank several cups of this a day before, now I’m quite happy to glug water instead.

    If you find that you are stuck in a rut with food and that you are starting to feel lethargic, I would recommend the programme to you. 12 days sounds like a long time, but it went surprisingly quickly.


  37. chrisjamesmindbody (verified owner)

    Luke Fry
    Beauty Department Manager

    I decided it was time to give my body and mind some well deserved attention and a break from all the not so healthy things I eat now and again. In general I try to eat fairly healthily, but it can be difficult with my busy schedule and shift pattern, especially when I get home late at night and just want something quick. I also had a few trips coming up so wanted to look and feel my best and I had been weaning myself of a prescription and felt this would be a good way to kick it completely and free my body of it.

    I was lucky enough to have some time off of work, but feel I would have been able to complete the cleanse while working if I planned ahead and was organised. I have tried a few different cleanses over the years, only one of which was more restrictive than this cleanse, so I didn’t have too many reservations about how I would fare in terms of the diet. The prescription I had been taking was also sedative so my main concern was the disruption to my sleep.

    I have seen some great results from the cleanse. My skin is clear and glowing, while my body has trimmed down, but not become too thin. During the 12 days I was going to power yoga almost every day which helped to strengthen my body and sweat away plenty of toxins. I body brushed most mornings and I stuck to the restrictions of the diet without any problems, in fact I found all of the food delicious and didn’t feel particularly hungry at any point. Strangely though I did have fast food cravings on the last day, I rarely eat fast food so this was a bit strange.

    I would recommend this to anyone just wanting to give their body a break from some of the bad habits we form; I avoided alcohol and cigarettes during the detox and am close to breaking my cigarette habit completely. I have stayed off the medication and to be honest didn’t suffer too much with my sleep being disturbed and have seen a great benefit from not being drowsy in the mornings. It will give you increased energy and a huge sense of fulfilment when completed and I am still preparing some of the great recipes.


  38. chrisjamesmindbody (verified owner)

    Frankie May
    Make up artist

    I have suffered with bloating and quite a sensitive stomach my entire life so to feel my stomach feeling so light was great! 12 Days passed a lot quicker than I expected. I had my birthday and two quite lively holidays throughout the summer so I chose to do my cleanse when I could settle down and focus, and clear out all of the party toxins!
    I now feel lighter and healthier! I found swallowing the capsules the most challenging part of “12Days” cleanse. However, you can of course open the capsules and pour the powder out. Throughout, I used the booklet as my bible, and I learnt a lot from , in particular the ‘Yes and No foods’ column on page 5.
    Between days 2 ‐ 6 I did feel I had a dull headache, so I kept up on drinking water which seemed to get rid of it. I found that I also wasn’t as hungry either so I didn’t feel any craving for sugary foods.
    I found the Power phase more difficult . I found the “Super Absorb” became difficult to swallow and I did not like the taste. Working in the salon the preparation for this phase was difficult to only consume raw juices – ideally I would have liked 12 days off work to completely relax my mind and body!
    I found it was more difficult to follow strictly when still in day to day life. I did juice daily, however I did still consume some food. By the last phase, I felt a lot lighter in my body and my mind. I had no bloating , the headaches had gone and I had lost around 7 pounds.
    Being 23 and living in a house share its not always easy to think to make something from scratch and make juices daily, but even adding in seeds, quinoa and beans to my diet still are healthier options. I also drink a green fresh juice from Pret when I haven’t had time to make my own. I have not eaten meat for about 5 years however I do eat fish. So to combine the food options with my fish for day to day healthy eating has been great. I would highly recommend this cleanse, I really felt fantastic on the inside and outside! But you must set aside 12 days to really focus yourself. A 12 day cleanse , however educates you with a healthier way of living for the future.
    I drunk a lot of hot water with fresh lemon and I still drink this now if I’m feeling run down. I also have found a huge love for Quinoa! I had never heard of it before the cleanse, I learnt a lot about foods. I try to now stick to a gluten free diet where I can. I have looked back at the hand book since and it refreshes my mind about what foods to eat.


  39. chrisjamesmindbody (verified owner)

    ‘I am currently a student of nutrition and therefore interested in all things health related. I have never tried a cleanse product before, but once I discovered the 12 Day Cleanse I was super keen to try it! On receiving my 12 Days pack I was thrilled with the level of details in the enclosed pamphlet, it runs through the 4 different phase and what you’ll experience during each phase, what to eat, recipes and when and how many to take of each supplement. My only reservation was about the level of ingredients I would need to buy to be able to make all the recipes suggested. However I soon realised the recipes were only suggestions and that I could just following the dietary principles. For the first couple of days on the cleanse I felt a very tired from the early evening and needed to go to bed earlier than I normally would, but after that I passed I was full of energy, sleeping really well and waking up early and ready to go and had a general sense of feeling light and clean. During the 3rd phase I had a couple of skin break outs, but these passed quickly and by the end I was feeling really great, my skin was smooth, bump and spot free and my energy levels were better than they had been in a long time. I was surprised to note that during the cleanse I never once felt hungry, I enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend the product to anyone looking for a healthy MOT for their body.’
    Crystal Mendez


  40. Anne-Marie Collins (verified owner)

    For some time before the detox I had felt sluggish & generally didn’t feel healthy. I had just returned from a 9 day hiking trip along the South of England & although I felt fit – overall my body didn’t feel healthy. I wanted to do something that would have an impact on my overall health – the 12 day detox cleanse sounded exactly what I needed!

    Looking back at my journal before I started the cleanse & I remember I felt nervous about how I would do 12 days without caffeine, meat, dairy etc. I was worried I wouldn’t or couldn’t do it but was committed to giving it the best effort I could.

    The first day I found tough with headaches – this was largely due to the removal of caffeine from my system. After the first day – I felt good each day. The amount of supplements needing to be taken each day are alot, which wasn’t something I was used to but I could feel their effect during each of the days. I am a huge foodie & never felt hungry during the cleanse – I really enjoyed cooking ‘new’ recipes for me & seeing the variety there can be in vegetarian food. By Day 6 – half way through I was feeling energised & proud to be making my way through the experience. The no caffeine & pure food – I could feel was having an impact on my energy levels & overall I felt a very ‘clean’ sense both in my mind & body.

    Ahead of the Power Phase (Day 7-9) I did feel nervous thinking how I would manage 3 days of juicing. The key I found was being very organised & clear on the timing & contents of the juices I was having. On Day 7 I scheduled to have the colonic, on the day I was super busy at work so had very little time to think about it. I found my therapist via ARCH & Elida Ward was nearby. She was excellent – from the moment I arrived she put me at ease, explaining everything to me. The treatment was overall very comfortable & after I felt lighter, fresher & energised. It was a new experience but one I would do again without any hesitation. Day 8 – I found I was the most tired but was prepared for that & had planned a very relaxing day with no work or appointments planned for that day. The remaining days of the cleanse I could feel the positive effects of the experience.
    At the end of the 12 days I had lost 2.5kgs but more importantly it was a 12 day experience of self-education – observing the effects on the mind & body then you take out the processed food & drinks & focus on natural, ‘clean’ food. I would recommend it without hesitation

    What surprised me the most about the 12 days was how much I enjoyed it. Very quickly my body responded & felt better which was motivation enough to continue being mindful of the food & drinks that I was consuming. Its been a few months now since I completed the cleanse & I am still applying in my everyday lifestyle things I picked up during the cleanse (morning water & lemon!) but I have found also my mind is more conscious & aware of the food I eat & the impact it has on my body & how I feel.

    I wasn’t entirely sure what the 12 day cleanse would bring me but can hand on heart say it opened up my eyes to the importance of gut health & overall mind & body well-being. Something in today’s very fast, modern & digitalised world is often taken for granted. Anyone looking to lose a few pounds, suffers from bloating or simply curious – you will not be disappointed if you commit to the 12 days experience.


  41. ChrisJames

    Brilliant detox, i would highly recommend. as a busy, working mum i’ve found it a struggle to shift the baby weight which gradually crept up. i’m on day 11 of this detox and have already lost 8lbs! The programme has really boosted my body and i will incorporate some of the knowledge gained into my EVERYDAY life. i found day 3 the hardest and was quite looking forward to the juicing phase, would recommend that you look at alternative vegetable/fruit recipes also. If you want to feel better and loose some weight, stick to the plan and you can do it too.


    _this is something that everyone needs to do and on a regular basis‎_ you just need to be in the right frame to start and then you feel very pleased with yourself at the end_ I did the 12 day programme and didn’t feel hungry or too deprived at all_ I nearly lost it on the 3rd day of liquids only _ then got my act together and went to bed early! I definitely felt better for it ‎and the real effects come afterwards _ so hang in there _you will also lose a little weight which is never a bad thing

  43. chrisjamesmindbody

    Just wanted to say thank you for the cleanse, I have now finished it and am left feeling revitalised, fresh and full of energy. My skin has cleared and a few people have commented on the fact that I am ‘glowing.’ 

    I loved the natural supplements you provided and will definitely be missing taking them on a daily basis. Moving forward I will be using some of the techniques / pointers and bringing them into my daily life e.g. skin brushing, shoulder stand before bed, reducing caffeine, salt and sugary fruit consumption. 

    The cleanse is clearly explained in the mini booklet you give, and it is very accessible and manageable to the masses. It has deepened my interest and awareness in nutrition for sure! 

    I hope you can use some of these words as a testimonial for your website, and have also done a post on instagram for you (tagged you so you should be able to see it). Please let me know if I can do anything else to help. As I mentioned I’d love to discuss this further with you in the future, let me know when you have some spare time (no rush at all). And also if you want some help with adjusting in your classes too. 

    Many thanks, 
    Gracie McGeehan

  44. Grace Juber

    My husband and I did the 12 day cleanse back in June 2017. It was challenging but really worthwhile. We each lost weight, 4 – 5 Kgs and feel so much better for it. The daily menus and supplements were invaluable. The booklet that came with the kit is now very dog eared and still in use.
    The hardest days were the liquid only days . I had to make sure we stocked up with the fruit and veg required. Plus buying a juicer and a Nutribullet blender, which are still in use and not been pushed to the back of a cupboard.
    Treats, once in a while, are just that and not the norm (tastier too!). We really have changed our eating habits.
    My skin is clearer and energy levels heightened.
    I’m sure we will do it again (after Christmas perhaps !!)

  45. Chris James

    I just wanted to drop you an email to say a MASSIVE thank you.

    To give you a bit of background (I dont want to bore you) but for the past month (which has felt like 3 months) I have had such a severe breakout of eczema all over my body (literally everywhere) I was so unhappy and in so much pain. I had stopped sleeping with my boyfriend and was having salt baths twice a day before and after work. As a healthy eater and having suffered from eczema all my life I had even reached the point of putting steroid cream on my body and face and neck for the sake that work people stopped staring at me – but even that didnt work and its something I have never wanted to do again having been prescribed that when I was growing up. I started your 12 day detox and after a week my skin was glowing. I cant express how happy I feel right now and how amazing my skin looks. I literally cant stop touching it. I am getting so many lovely comments from my family and friends who have seen me suffer so much, it is unbelievable.

    As a lawyer, I generally have an inbuilt desire to fix things. My eczema has baffled me so much over the past few years and my constant spending of money on naturapaths to no avail has been depressing. I literally do everything they tell me yet my ezcema remains. None of them have managed to do what your detox plan did in a week. I’m now seriously scared to finish your 12 day plan! Do you have any advice as to what I should continue to do after the plan finishes? If not, I can appreciate you probably dont want to share your secret which I totally appreciate. In any event I wanted to tell you whether this lasts or not, I wanted to let you know that I am so grateful as the past week has been so amazing and I have felt so happy because of my skin being scratch free.

    Such a big thanks again

    Vicki Long

  46. Chris James

    Dear Chris,
    Thank you for your kind reply.

    Your blog/Facebook/news letters have been inspiring me for a number of years. If I lived anywhere near where you teach, I would have definitely come along to one of your yoga classes as stress has been a consistent factor over the past 12 years because of the number of infections and of course in case cancer returns and I think yoga would help with that as well as helping me with breathing difficulties I have.

    Cancer, the effects of treatment and having to give up work meant a complete loss of confidence. However, feeling better in myself, I’m also regaining some confidence as I’ve started a pilates class as there is a great teacher locally and have just started an online meditation/awareness course which I love. These things would not have been possible for me 3 years ago, 5 years ago or even 10 years ago. Thank you for being at the start of helping me get some of my life back.

    I had many chest infections following treatment for lung cancer and thus took many courses of antibiotics and steroids. I came across an article written by Chris and after having a look at his website I undertook a 12 day cleanse. This made a difference to how I felt in terms of raising my energy and I’ve done a further two cleanses since. In between the cleanses, I felt as though my whole body was ‘clogged’ up and I made the decision to take Gorgeous Greens and Hello Aloe 2 years ago. It proved to be a great decision as my head has felt clearer since, I’ve had less ‘brain fog’ and my face has a better colour! I also feel lighter in body and step.

    Thank you once again.
    Rosslyn Hughes

  47. Chris James (verified owner)

    ​My name is Linlin and I live in London right now.​ I work ​Freelance.​

    ​My yoga teacher recommended this 12 Day Cleanse programme to me, and I had heard lots of good things about it.

    At first, I was concerned that I would be able to make the 12 days, and I was concerned about the colonic hydrotherathy!

    ​I am now feeling lighter and the stool looks very pretty, accoding to the Bristol stool chart.​

    I was quite surprised that it was not that difficult, I thought it would be really tough, especailly for the Power phase, but I did not feel hungry at all during those days.

    I’d recommend it because uniquely, it is a cleanse program, not only for the body, but also mind.​

    Linlin Zheng

  48. Chris James (verified owner)

    All I can say is this is my third time doing this cleanse and it is absolutely amazing and does 100% give results if you are strict and stick to it. I lost 5kgs in my first round and my tummy was so flat and I felt absolutely amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to cleanse their body and it is on 12 days!!
    Lauren keane

  49. SANTA DALESSANDRO (verified owner)

    It is my fourth time that I used this product and I am always amazed how well it works. I feel more energetic, clean and able to focus on everything I do during my busy day. The first time I used this product, the hardest part was the power phase, but after the second time it results much easier. It is amazing how light and clean you feel after this detox. I had the hydro colon therapy and I felt so great afterwards.

    • chrisjamesmindbody

      That’s great Santa! keep up the good work 🙂

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