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Chris James Cleanse

x2 12 Days Cleanse – Kick start your new health regime

X1 3R 3 Day Cleanse – Increase your energy levels & lose the bloat

Gorgeous Greens in sachetsX1 Organic Green – Superfood Supplement



X1 Hello Aloe – Pure Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate



You will complete 2 x 12 DAYS CLEANSES cack to back with the 12 DAYS phases extended to 6 days each (instead of 3).


Please note that we do not supply you with your meals / food for this programme.  We supply you with the supplements and the technology to support you

Product Description

You’ll be eating delicious vegan + gluten free meals for the next 4 weeks!  There will be 6 x days of Prep, 6 x days of Pre-Purification, 6 x days of Power Phase, 6 x days of Maintenance, and a gentle liquid Cleanse. During the 30 Day Summer Challenge you will be supported by our amazing range of supplements, and programs!
Prepare to be amazed by the results!

4 reviews for 30 DAY SUMMER CHALLENGE

  1. Sam higgins

    This 30 day challenge has been fantastic! Although in the beginning, I was concerned about what 13 days of liquid diet was going to be like. It was actually a lot easier than I thought.
    Results are: I have lost all of my excess weight. I have twin toddlers, and have still not lost the baby weight, and had been feeling quite down as a result for sometime. I am also experiencing unnatural levels of energy!
    I now feel absolutely amazing, and my mood has changed for the better. So, a big thank you!

  2. Mark Ritchie Smith

    this is the real deal! I am about to get married, went to the outfitters to try on my suit again, and had to go down 4 inches around the waste! it is literally hanging off me I am now 34 inch waist!

    I also feel very mentally active too which is a surprise given the time that you consume juice and smoothies only. It would be great if some more scientific tests were done around this.


  3. Sean Reece

    I found the first 3 days of liquid only tough. But, I still got used to it. eventhough the recipes were good, and tasty, I still feel that more recipes and guidance could have been given, like a helpline?

    all in all however, it makes you feel fantastic. so, well worth the investment.

  4. George Hammer

    I have always been suspicious of fad diets, but this plan seemed quite different and doable.
    4 weeks of vegan eating? i had not done that before, as I am quite a big meat eater,
    To be honest the first week I struggled, the second week it got easier. The third week flew by because there were no solids. The fourth week I was just waiting for it to end. But then, the real differences started to happen when the challenge had completed. I did not feel like eating so much meat, because it made me feel heavy. I doubled the amount of water I drank, and I have not had a migraine (which is suffer from regularly) for x3 months!!!! whether this is a coincidence or not, im not sure, what i am sure about it, is that my diet has changed and I generally have more energy during the day.
    George Hammer

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