Chris James new book – MIND BODY CLEANSE by Chris James


The 12 Day Plan to Heal Your Body and Re-Energise Your Mind


‘Setting myself the goal has been incredible – I now feel amazing and have found self-control that I never thought I had’ Rosie Fortescue


The perfect antidote for stressed and busy lives, Chris James’s unique holistic plan will restore energy, acuity and cleanse your whole body, starting with the seat of all health – the gut.



  • Vegan menu plans, delicious cleansing recipes and juices
  • How to use mindfulness to help you focus on your body’s specific needs
  • Simple yoga poses targeted to improve digestion and stimulate your lymphatic system


In just 12 days you’ll feel lighter, brighter and glowing with health.

Hot off the press is a new book Mind Body Cleanse, by Chris James which explains how the human ‘machine’ comprising body, mind and spirit can be transformed by James unique detoxifying and highly acclaimed 12-Day Plan.  This 12-Day Plan includes a challenging, enjoyable and highly rewarding combination of therapeutic fasting, how the gut operates in the context of the mind, body and spirit, yogic exercise and breathing, meditation and a wealth of healing and health-care tips to do at home.

Chris James is a yoga and meditation teacher, author and entrepreneur, and founder of Chris James Mind Body.  He is the world-renowned go-to man for a rejuvenated body and mind.  He contributes regularly to the health pages of the national press, and his product range including the signature “12Day” cleanse is stocked at Harrods, QVC, Naturismo, EFMedispa, and other leading retailers.

Chris James whole approach to wellness is based on the fundamental aspects of the practice that he discovered when living in India.

In the year 2000 Chris was the victim of an assault and his neck was broken at #C2 #C3 #C4.  He sustained the same injuries as Christopher Reeve.  He used the Yoga and meditation that he had learned in India to bring back the intelligence into his body.

Chris has developed a uniquely soulful and spirited style of practice guiding students to approach their own practice with integrity and joy.  His style is intuitive and insightful, and he puts his sensitivity as a teacher down to a strong One-to-One approach.

Mind Body Cleanse is available to purchase on this site and will be available at all leading Bookstores including Waterstones, Blackwell’s, and Foyles Bookstore from June 1

Mind Body Cleanse is now available for Pre-order on Amazon.


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