Mind Body Cleanse Richmond Yoga Summer Term May 13 – July 29, 2019 Mondays 730pm – 900pm


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Richmond Yoga


Mind Body Cleanse Mondays, The Crossway, 306 Richmond Road, East Twickenham, TW1 2PD, May 13 – July 29, 2019

Our Founder Chris James has been teaching this very popular Monday evening session in Richmond Upon thames for over a decade!


Mind-Body Cleanse poses combined correctly with the breath, can be a great way to reduce stress.


Physically, the Mind-Body Cleanse sequences promote strength and create flexibility in the soft tissue.


Internally, the Mind-Body Cleanse sequence stimulates detoxification and metabolism.


Mentally, they establish clarity as well as confidence.


Our practice is breath focused and designed to energise mind and body for the week ahead.


Book your space today for the Autumn term and start your week feeling energised and balanced!


Product Description

We will be meeting at The Crossway, 306 Richmond Road, East Twickenham, TW1 2PD, at 1920 May 13 – July 29, 2019

From The Crossway, we will be taking the short walk to Marble Hill, set in 66 acres of outstandingly beautiful riverside parkland, where we will be practicing for the majority of our sessions this term.

Be prepared to engage in a physical practice, with twists to stimulate digestion and peristalsis, backbends for bioelectric network stimulation, and inversions for lymphatic drainage. Our practice is breath focused and designed to energise mind and body for the week ahead.

Click here to watch our Mind-Body Cleanse taster session:

7 reviews for Mind Body Cleanse Richmond Yoga Summer Term May 13 – July 29, 2019 Mondays 730pm – 900pm

  1. chrisjamesmindbody

    We have had Yoga sessions for a number of years and find the discipline invaluable for improving our sense of well being and maintaining the strength amd flexibility of our bodies. In that time we have all had teachers before Chris but all of us regard him as the teacher who has most accurately and quickly understood our needs and our capacities.

    In particular Chris is excellent at judging how far he can go with positions and movements and so we complete our sessions with a strong sense of having achieved more than we thought ourselves capable of. He is good at explaining the purpose of each position and he is meticulous about correct posture and movements. At the same time he is very attentive to any physical difficulties we may have. The result is that we feel with Chris we are learning Yoga to the highest standard that we are capable of.
    Richard & Rachel Boulton
    Madeleine Foster & Mark Caulfield

  2. chrisjamesmindbody

    I consider the classes to be of extremely high quality content and I feel they are tailored to my requirements. I noticed how much more energy I have after the class, and how much more flexibility I have in day to day life.
    I find Chris a particularly personable person and very easy to communicate with, and I think for executives in high stress jobs it is a particularly beneficial program!
    Howard White

  3. chrisjamesmindbody

    Your attention to the individual needs of the group makes every lesson a well rounded experience. In previous classes I felt I had only gained a superficial grasp of the ‘mechanics’ of Yoga – this class has given me much more of an understanding of its holistic nature and consequently much more enjoyment…
    Andy Watts

  4. chrisjamesmindbody

    Chris is extremely knowledgeable and confident about Yoga, which I certainly look for in a teacher. In this class he has guided me to into a better understanding of the fundamental principles of yoga teaching not just the postures and the correct alignment but also the breathing and meditation associated with the practice. As a result, I found his classes to be both informative and very enjoyable. In addition my flexibility had improved dramatically.
    Eleanor D Kennedy BSc PhD MBA

  5. chrisjamesmindbody

    I have learnt more in one session than in 5 years of Yoga on and off! Realignment and body strengthening, more grounded, energised and centered. And increased flexibility.
    Pascale Evans

  6. chrisjamesmindbody

    This is an excellent class with excellent teaching that enables each person to develop their practice. Praise and encouragement given readily, and the classes are well structured. The postures are clearly demonstrated by the teacher with a good pace throughout. The teacher has a good manner, and show an interest in all students. Sense of humour comes through!
    Anne Richardson

  7. Richard Davis

    This class is amazing! Very spiritual teacher, nurturing and nourishing!

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