Yoga Foundation Course Level 1

British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course


BWY Foundation Course Level 1


If you are looking to deepen your personal practice or prepare for teacher training this is the course for you. Students will need a minimum of two years yoga experience.


The course will run January to July 2019, 10 Saturdays / occasional Sunday spread out over 6 months.


If you would like to apply for British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course please email and we will send you an application form and more information.


Courses are usually full, so booking early is advisable.





Product Description

British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course

BWY Foundation Course Level 1

If you are looking to deepen your personal practice or prepare for teacher training this is the course for you. Students will need a minimum of two years yoga experience.

The course will run January to July 2019, 10 Saturdays / occasional Sunday spread out over 7 months.

“This is the seventh occasion I have run the BWYFC1. In my opinion it is one of the best BWY courses, and every year it just gets better! This course stands alone amongst other BWY courses not only because we bring in experts from other fields but I also bring in my expertise of Cleansing, Nutrition, Ayurveda, and Meditation into the mix. I also try to give the course a context, based on my experience of living and studying in India with masters.” Chris James


What does the course involve?

All courses involve 60 contact hours. The course is roughly 50% practical (asana, pranayama, meditation) and 50% theoretical. There is no compulsory homework, although further study for your own interest is advised and supported, and there is no test or exam. The aim is to broaden your own knowledge and experience of yoga and to consider in which areas you may like to develop your own practice in the future. Each day runs from 11.00am – 6.00pm

Chris James Yoga 198

What are the Course Requirements?

All BWY Foundation courses last at least six months. Minimum entry requirement: Two years experience of practicing yoga and up to date membership of the British Wheel of Yoga (Costs £30) please contact the British Wheel directly on 01529 306 851 or or join online at Please note that The Foundation Course is not a teaching qualification in its own right.

How do I book onto the Course?

Subject to acceptance on to this course, you will need to pay in advance. Courses are usually full, so booking early is advisable. Course fees – £625 BWY Course registration fee – £60. Interview dates are now open.

If you would like to apply for British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course please email and we will send you an application form and more information.

Alternatively you can write to: Chris James Yoga, Unit 2, 309 Richmond Road, East Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 2NP











18 reviews for Yoga Foundation Course Level 1

  1. chrisjamesmindbody

    This course has really given me a much better awareness of myself and enriched my parctice through a greater understanding of all aspects of Yoga. Not only has my asanapractice improved, but I’ve developed my own prananyama practice too, as well as a regular home practice. I feel happier, healthier, and more focussed and grounded. Also loved all of the food!
    As I now have a much better understanding of all aspects of yoga, it has strengthened my love (for yoga) and peaked my curiosity further.
    I would like to continue with my study of yoga and ultimately I am still keen on going to teachers training to deeper connect to both practical and theoretical learnings.
    And ultimately to pass on the joy!

    Leanne Lahoud


  2. chrisjamesmindbody

    I’ve learnt many new asanas and am able to include them in my practice. I’ve gained better awareness of myself, and I’ve really deepened my understanding of the aim of Yoga and have been inspired to rethink my eating habits. I have really enjoyed the course.
    My future goals will include doing the Teacher Training in order to inspire others to discover the benefits of Yoga.
    Petra Kloubcova


  3. chrisjamesmindbody

    My understanding of Yoga has become better and my knowledge has grown. In addition I am now much more aware of what I eat and now juice a lot. I also practice Yoga more at home. I have learnt much more about how to practice safely and how to use different breathing techniques.
    My future development goals may include to possibly go on to do the teaching diploma and teach Yoga
    Susan English


  4. chrisjamesmindbody

    In terms of personal development on this course – I’ve improved my Yoga practice through a good understanding of breathing techniques and postures, and the history of Yoga. I have even learnt more about juicing and eating much more healthily – a bonus to the course!
    I’m definitely going to further my breathing practices as I found these very relaxing. I’m also going to try to do headstands on my own!
    Marie Ward

  5. chrisjamesmindbody

    I have greatly improved my Yoga practice and it is now part of my life and lifestyle, taking classes 4 – 5 times a week. My understanding of Yoga through reading and class notes has been enlightening!
    My goals following the Foundation course includes continuing yoga practice for health, strength, and life focus and continue my life development in all aspects.
    Geraldine Waring

  6. chrisjamesmindbody

    I slowly gained confidence in my asanas throughout the course, and learned a lot about the Yoga philosophy and enjoyed studying. I have an incredible knowledge base on pranayama techniques and how they effect the body. On this course there was also great advice on nutrition which chenaged my eating habits completely.
    Sule Dewilde

  7. chrisjamesmindbody

    Chris takes a holistic view to his teaching, I loved the expertise Chris shared on nutrition and cleansing. The breathing exercises have both given me great bursts of energy in the morning and improved my ability to sleep at night. This course has changed my outlook on life and given me a quiet confidence in tackling new projects and getting what I feel that deserve in my life.
    Cara Malloy

  8. chrisjamesmindbody

    By attending the BWY Foundation course I have come to understand Yoga as more than the practice of asanas. I have learnt the importance of breathing correctly which has improved my experience of practicing the asanas. I have also learnt how to devise a self practice using complimentary asanas, and understand the benefits and contraindications of the various asanas.
    Gillian Pickup

  9. chrisjamesmindbody

    In my view this course was managed to a very high standard with extreme professionalism. Chris teaching was exemplary, so considered and thoughtful, with so much additional care put into the context of Yoga as a tradition as well as how it is relevant to us all today as individuals.
    Vian Shariff

  10. chrisjamesmindbody

    The area I feel that I have really developed is around the philosophy and history of Yoga. It resonates with my own world view and attitudes. I’ve loved getting the chance to explore and learn, and also around different paths within yoga. To me, the emphasis on the theory has been very valuable, and I have really enjoyed the reading. Josefin Magnusdotter

  11. chrisjamesmindbody

    Chris was a great teacher, with a well structured and balanced course – I would almost like to do it again! I have an improved understanding of the history and philosophy of Yoga. A much better knowledge and concept of meditation, cleansing and the targets we can aim for through regular yoga practice.
    Miranda Kirscher

  12. chrisjamesmindbody

    Chris was very good at drawing out of his students their understanding of the subject matter and giving the group lots of time to discuss, debate and enquire.
    Lisa Trouliotis

  13. chrisjamesmindbody

    One of the most significant aspects of this course was the introduction to the different Yoga styles; it is very interesting to see how Yoga can adjust to people with different needs. I certainly modified my personal practice by being more aware of the movements (seven significant intentions) and also the importance of the breath. I think that Chris did a fantastic job taking us on this journey through the world of Yoga.
    Isabel Matinez

  14. chrisjamesmindbody

    I feel I have developed my knowledge of the ‘non-asana’ side of Yoga. I have really enjoyed learning about all of the different styles of Yoga and different Pranayama. I have also found the discipline of keeping a daily practice to be very beneficial. I am embarking on the teacher training course, which is very exciting. I feel that this course has given me an excellent start.
    Lis Dixon

  15. chrisjamesmindbody

    I have learnt a great deal about specific postures and their benefits. I now notice that bending my back makes me looser and much happier, sun salutations and asanas fill me with energy. Forward bends slow me down and help me to sleep. I can now use this knowledge to fine tune my body mind and spirit. I can create 30 minute personal practice sessions to fulfill a specific requirement – including counter poses. Likewise with pranayama – I know which to practice to turn use to rest and which to use to give me zest for life. My knowledge of the yoga tradition and my understanding of Yoga is much deeper and broader.”
    Jane Morris

  16. chrisjamesmindbody

    I now have an appreciation for the building blocks of an asana and pranayama techniques within the context of a practice design – i.e. leading to a central point of intensity. I now have a deeper understanding of the guiding intent and ethos of Yoga philosophy and integration into the modern lifestyle, along with safe practice methods.
    Anthony Soyer – G.P.

  17. chrisjamesmindbody

    During this course I feel I have achieved so much more than I am able to fit into this space. The breathing techniques have been especially beneficial to me. All aspects of this course have made me realise I have so much more potential than I ever realized. I want to continue to learn to adapt my life towards a much healthier and more giving lifestyle. To be able to share all I have learnt with others if possible.
    Glynis Dawe

  18. chrisjamesmindbody

    My self awareness has increased incredibly, as well as my personal practice. I now practice regularly at home: Asanas, pranayama, and reading, I now feel pretty confident in doing so. I feel inspired to continue forever.
    Kate Leonard

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