Pumpkin Sage Gnocchi Recipe

Pumpkin Sage Gnocchi Recipe

If you have ever wandered what to do with your spare Pumpkin left over from Halloween, try this delicious Pumpkin Sage Gnocchi recipe made by the girls at Honestly Healthy.

Serves 4

600g fresh raw pumpkin
225g rice flour (and a little more for rolling)
2 tbsp ground flax seed
5 tbsp water
½ tsp chili powder
1/8 grated nutmeg
Pinch salt
40g fresh sage

4tbsp coconut oil
2 clove garlic crushed
180g baby tomatoes
15g fresh sage
1/8 cup of water

Method for Pumpkin Sage Gnocchi:

To make the gnocchi pre –heat the oven to 175°C. Peel the pumpkin and take out the seeds and chop into half moons. Put onto a baking tray and drizzle with 1tbsp coconut oil and put into the oven for 30 minutes or until soft –careful not over cook it though as the pumpkin will become watery.

Leave to cool. If you can leave it for 2-3 hours it will help the consistency of the gnocchi when come to make it.

Put into a blender and make into a pureed mash – do not add any oil or water if you think it’s too dry – this is how you want it to be.

Soak the ground flax seed in the 5tbsp water and leave to set for 15 minutes.

Add the flax seed paste, chili, nutmeg, salt, chopped fresh sage and rice flour to the pumpkin puree and mix together. It will form a dough like texture.

Sprinkle a little rice flour onto a surface and take a small amount of the dough at a time – approximately a ¼ cup worth.

Roll out into a long sausage about ½ an inch in diameter. Then cut into 1 inch chunks.

Bring a pan of water to a rolling boil. Drop the gnocchi into it and make sure they haven’t stuck together by swirling the water with a spoon. Leave for 2 minutes.

While the gnocchi is cooking, in a separate frying pan, make the sauce. Put the coconut oil, crushed garlic on a medium heat – once the coconut oil starts to melt and slightly froth add the chopped fresh sage and tomatoes. Then add your water and leave to absorb all the flavours and reduce.

Once the gnocchi is ready strain out and immediately tip into the frying pan with the sauce. Leave to cook stirring to get the flavours of the sauce over the gnocchi for about 30 seconds.

Serve straight away and enjoy!

Tip: If you want to make the dough the night before, put into a bowl with a clingfilm over the top and leave out on your kitchen work top ready for you to roll the next day.

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