Some of Meditation’s most profound effects on health have to do with its ability to alter long-standing dysfunctional behaviour. People often have habits that undermine their health—habits they may recognize but haven’t been able to change, such as interrupted sleep patterns.
While the body rests and recovers vitality while asleep, the mind can wander off into dreamland, a journey that can lead us to tossing and turning all night. In fact dreams and nightmares can be so mentally exhausting that we are often reminded by our clients that they awaken less rested than before they went to sleep. Even while napping in the afternoon, the mind can roam far and wide, filled with pointless conjectures and vibrating with cerebral static.
Basic meditation still holds great potential benefits for those who seek health and longevity in this life. ‘Sitting still and doing nothing’ is the one and only way to give your mind a complete rest. Meditation slows down and deepens the pulse of the vital biorhythms, especially those of the heart and respiratory system, which, in turn, regulates all the others. Meditation gives all of the vital organs a “tune up”, enhancing their functional harmony and balancing their energies. During meditation, the body and mind relax sufficiently for the vital energy channels to open up and restore the body’s overall vitality.
Meditation is also excellent therapy if you suffer from high blood pressure, hypertension, indigestion, anxiety and other chronic conditions caused by stress and consequent imbalance in vital functions.

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