Sunday Morning Wheatgrass Smoothie

I loved waking up this morning and making my Sunday Morning Wheatgrass Smoothie!

Did you know that 1oz of wheatgrass juice has about as much nutrients as 2.5 lbs of vegetables?

 Sunday Morning Wheatgrass Smoothie


Wheatgrass has become one of the worlds most widely used heath foods. It contains chlorophyl (nature’s most health promoting nutrient). 20 amino acids, several hundred different enzymes not found in other foods, as many as 90 out of 102 possible minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients. It is perfect for dieters, athletes, people on the go, who want to maintain a healthy immune system, or simply anyone who wants to feel GREAT!

Wheatgrass is the young grass stage of grain plants, taken just after sprouting. It has often been described as “Quite possibly the closest thing to the fountain of youth man has ever conjured up.”

Ingredients for Your Sunday Morning Wheatgrass Smoothie


200g fresh Kale

200g fresh Spinach

Fennel bulb

1/2 avocado

2 x apples

1 x kiwi

1 cucumber

1 x sachet Gorgeous Greens

Blend till smooth, Serve and Enjoy!!


Makes two servings or just the one if you are me!

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