The Healing Powers of Broccoli

The Healing Powers of Broccoli …


This hearty, tasty, green vegetable broccoli is widely known to cut the risk of developing many diseases…

Recent research from Oregon State University scientists give veggie lovers one more reason to take a bite out of broccoli: it can kill cancer cells!

Broccoli is a Mediterranean cruciferous plant that packs a nutritional punch. This green vegetable is already touted as the natural wonder drug to ward off cancers, including breast cancer, bowel cancer, skin cancer and stomach cancer, as well as ulcers, gastritis and cardiovascular disease.


Healing Powers of Broccoli

Another benefit of eating broccoli


The experts verified that Sulforaphane, a primary phytochemical found naturally in broccoli, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables, can safely kill cancerous cells in the prostate without harming body’s healthy cells.

What’s exciting about this new study that came out is that it doesn’t have any effects on normal cells.



Sulforaphane specifically targets HDAC enzymes


The cancer-fighting compound Sulforaphane specifically targets an enzyme known as histone deactelyase, or HDAC for short.

HDAC enzymes, among other things, affect access to DNA and play a role in regulating the expression of genes that help fight cancer, such as tumour suppressor genes.

Inhibiting this enzyme is one of the more promising fields of cancer treatment, and scientists at various research facilities worldwide are focusing both on developing drugs and dietary approaches, scientists say.

“It is well documented that sulforaphane can target cancer cells through multiple chemopreventive mechanisms,” the researchers stated in their study. “Here we show for the first time that sulforaphane selectively targets benign hyperplasia cells and cancerous prostate cells while leaving the normal prostate cells unaffected,” the researchers noted in their findings.

“These findings regarding the relatively safety of sulforaphane to normal tissues have significant clinical relevance as the use of sulforaphane moves towards use in human clinical trials,” they added.



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