Tips on how to stay hydrated during exercise

Why is it important to stay hydrated? Water protects and hydrates our organs, transports nutrients to our cells and helps us stay energized and mentally sharp. It also balances the level of electrolytes — minerals such as sodium and potassium — in our bodies to keep our muscles functioning properly.


However, exactly how much water you should drink is a much debated issue.


Stay hydrated


This is because you may have different water needs than the person on the treadmill next to you. Not only that, your own water requirements change one day to the next depending on how hard you’ve exercised, if you’ve gained or lost weight, what your hormones are up to and what you’re doing at any given moment.


According to research, the best way to determine how much water you need for the day ahead is to weigh yourself in the morning.


How Much Water Should You be Drinking Daily?


To find your healthy H2O weight, drink what you feel is an adequate amount, ie until your thirst is satisfied and your pee is a light color; (it becomes dark when you’re dehydrated) every day for one week. Each morning, weigh yourself on a digital scale first thing after peeing. Take the average of the three most similar numbers — that’s your baseline weight when you’re properly hydrated. From then on, step on the scale every morning, and if you’re lighter, drink an extra 450ml that day.

When you exercise, you consume more water. Here you can find tips on how to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout.


Stay hydrated before your workout


You shouldn’t have to chug water before you exercise whether working out or not, it’s important that you stay hydrated all day long. If you do drink too much fluid (either water or a sport drink) before physical activity, it may cause bloating and cramping, Research suggests that drinking THREE x LITRES DAILY is the recommended quantity for anyone who is active.


How to stay hydrated during your workout


While you work out, you lose water through perspiration and breathing. We recommend drinking plain tap water during low or moderate level exercise to replenish what’s been lost. A rule is one cup (250 ml) for every 15 minutes of exercise.

In addition, we recommend to have water with lemon during a workout to ‘alkalize’ the body so that it’s not too acidic. It’s important to lower the acidity in your system because during exercise the body produces a lot of lactic acid which is makes muscles and joints feel fatigued.


Stay hydrated after a workout


Continue to drink water after a workout. To fully hydrate your system make yourself an Aloe Vera Water.  Aloe vera water contains nutrients that are believed to lower cholesterol, aid in weight loss, support the immune system, and fight inflammation and muscle aches after exercising. In addition it is an ideal post-workout drink by providing electrolytes essential for recovery such as potassium and sodium.


Here you can find the tips on how to make your very own Aloe Vera juice


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  • Ben
    Posted at 16:23h, 23 March Reply

    Hello! During my workout I always drink gatorade because I suffer from cramps. Is that healthy? Thanks, Ben

  • Kevin
    Posted at 12:39h, 19 March Reply

    Informative and well written article.

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