Tips to Manage Stress


April is National Stress Awareness month, so naturally this month, I’ll be posting about this topic mainly.

Stress is often talked about as being a ‘modern’ malaise, as though it didn’t exist in former times. However, there has always been stress.

Tips to Manage Stress

But these days there always seems to be so much to do in life but not enough time to do it in; what you might call ‘the hamster on a wheel syndrome’. The speed of technological advances can help us with gadgets that save us time and, supposedly, stress, but at the same time they compound it. A good example of this is the ability to send and receive emails, texts and phone calls, and social media wherever you are, so that you never actually relax, switch off and recharge your batteries, away from work and responsibilities.

An antidote to stress and tension is clearly required in our society and one that will be effective in arresting stress-related disorders.


Tips to help you manage stress


‘If you take a deeper look at the stress, it’s really an unfounded fear that’s causing it.’


  • Anticipate stressful periods and plan for them
  • Know your individual warning signs and stress triggers and catch them early.  We’ll be talking about this later on in the month
  • Develop a number of constructive strategies and practice them (get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet to maintain correct weight and do enjoyable exercise)
  • Smoke and drink alcohol and caffeine in moderation, or not at all
  • Avoid eating refined and processed foods
  • Do not suppress your feelings; acknowledge them to yourself and share them with someone you trust
  • Learn to be more flexible and adaptable
  • Avoid blaming others for situations
  • Provide positive feedback to others
  • Learn to say no and be more assertive
  • Be receptive when genuine help is offered
  • Use free time productively (pamper yourself in a way that is right for you: massage, listen to music, have a hot bath, watch a comedy show, etc.)
  • Take 30 minutes each day to take stock and refine how and when to deal with the causes of stress
  • Book a specific appointment after your normal working day (e.g. an evening class once a week – so that you have to leave work on time)
  • Take mini breaks during the day and stretch your limbs!
  • Plan ahead for weekends away and holidays to wind down and de-stress
  • Seek out variety and change of pace in your life, especially if you live in a big city!
  • Spend time in nature and enjoy simple, enjoyable things (e.g. observing the marvels of Spring / kicking Autumn leaves – depending what Side of the world you live in)
  • Remember to attend to your spiritual development & maintain a sense of proportion at all times







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