vitamin D

vitamin D

It’s January – time to get your vitamin D on

No-one needs reminding that it’s January, least of all me!

The long grey days can start to really get you down.  And about now, is the very best time to be letting the sunshine into your life in the form of vitamin D.

It’s called the sunshine vitamin because it’s predominantly produced in the skin in the presence of sunshine, therefore it’s estimated that around 60% of people in the UK are deficient. I guess this is no surprise to you?

Research is uncovering more and more about the importance of vitamin D, and it is now commonplace for the Department of Health to recommend supplementation for all pregnant and breastfeeding women, those over 65 and children under five.

The fact is that during the winter months, it would be good for everyone living in northern Europe to supplement.  One of vitamin D’s many crucial roles is in supporting your immune system, and everyone can do with a helping hand at this time of year!


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