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What are the 6 most frequently asked questions about ‘12Days’ Cleanse?

Over the years, we have received and fielded thousands of frequently asked questions relating to the ‘12Days’ Cleanse. Amongst my favourite queries are:

“Hello I’m a total tea junkie!!! Is it possible to swap to decaffeinated tea [during the program] ???”

“Can I use Dijon mustard to mix in with the oil and lemon juice as a salad dressing?” Even “Can I use tabasco sauce as a condiment either?” has come up.

There has been plenty of pleading too over the years, but I am afraid to date no bargains!

The most common and frequently asked questions relating to “‘12Days’ Cleanse over the years are the following:

Should I do 12 Days… if I am pregnant or currently trying to become pregnant?
Do NOT undertake a cleanse if you are pregnant or if you are breast feeding.

Should I do 12 Days… if I am on any prescribed medication?
If you have any health concerns speak to your general health practitioner

I have never cleansed before, I am overweight and live a highly stressful city life? Is this programme suitable for me?
If you are starting to see yourself fraying at the edges, then you are an ideal candidate for 12 Days…! It will help you to manage your stress, stay in control and restore you to your optimum levels of health and vitality.

Is 12 Days… a weight loss programme?
No, strictly speaking it is not a weight loss programme, although clients have reported losing anything from 7lbs and above. You will lose only the weight that you need to lose which is mostly composed of toxic matter.

What symptoms should I expect during 12 Days…?
Every body responds differently to cleansing. Some first timers may feel symptoms such as a mild headache, tiredness, hiccups and spots. These are not bad in themselves, but simply the body’s way of eliminating toxins. Your symptoms will depend on the degree of internal toxicity before you start the programme. Remember to take time to rest during 12 Days…

Will I feel hungry during the programme?
No, you shouldn’t. You will be filling up with delicious and healthy recipes that you will find in The 12 Day Menu Guide. You will also be taking the SuperAbsorb formula, which contains psyllium husk that makes the stomach think that it is full.

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