healing crisis

What is a Healing Crisis?

What is a Healing Crisis?

One thing that many people don’t understand about natural healing is the healing crisis or disease crisis stage that may happen during your Cleanse program.
Basically, as your body starts expelling the various toxins and built up waste that’s been in your system for a great number of years, it will need time to adjust to those changes.

And once the body realizes you’re finally starting to help it clean some really bad stuff out, it may accelerate that process, and this can lead you to think things are getting worse when they’re actually getting better.

In other words, once people start using natural and alternative / complimentary approaches to heal a major health problem, they often start feeling worse. Sometimes much worse. So they assume things aren’t working, and they stop what they’re doing. And this is a big mistake!

Once your body enters into the healing or disease crisis stage, this is a clear indication that things are actually working, and working well. The better they’re working, in fact, the worse you may sometimes feel. This is because your body is accelerating the process of cleaning itself out. And the faster it’s able to do that, the faster you’ll feel much better.

If you’ve ever tried to stop drinking caffeinated sodas or coffee, or if you’ve tried to stop smoking, then you may remember going through a withdrawal period. During that time, your body felt horrible without the substance it was used to having. This was your body cleaning itself of that substance. Depending on what has to be cleaned from the system, you may have been physically sick to your stomach, or you may have had severe headaches for days.

A similar process happens when people start a new weight loss diet. If you decide you will lose weight by cutting out extra sugar from your diet for instance, the first step you might take is to stop drinking sodas. And everything is fine for a day or two, but then you start having a major problem with headaches.

In fact, sometimes you may feel like you have the flu. And this is a normal part of the healing crisis your body is going through. It is finally able to start eliminating all the poisons and wastes which have built up within your system from eating so much sugar over the years.

A disease crisis tends to last longer than a healing crisis does, and how long it lasts will depend on how sick you are. Usually your chronic health conditions will seem intensified during a disease crisis. If for instance, you have chronic sinus infections and problems, you might find that a lot of mucus is suddenly starting to drain from your head. If you’ve had chronic problems with bronchitis, you might discover you’re coughing up a lot of mucus from your lungs instead.

Though unpleasant and uncomfortable, this process is actually a very good sign. The body gets rid of toxins, waste, and bacteria in a number of ways: Through urine and excrement, through runny noses and coughing, through sweat, through fevers, and more. By taking medications over the years to suppress these natural disease fighting systems in our bodies, we’ve made the problems worse. So letting them out helps our bodies fully cleanse themselves and get rid of problematic germs and bacteria.

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