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What is involved with 12 Days Cleanse ?

12 Days Cleanse

12 Days is a four-phase programme with three days in each phase. Each phase incorporates the consumption of extremely high quality supplements in order to support the body during your cleanse. In order to experience the four phases of the Programme, you will need to purchase the 12 Days pack.

The Preparation Phase (Day 1-3)

Preparation is the key to a successful cleanse. Make sure that you have a juicer in your kitchen, and look at the options for buying the freshest fruit and vegetables. Certain foods are eliminated from the diet and more alkaline-forming foods introduced.

Pre-Purification Phase (Day 4-6)

This is preparation for the power phase. As much raw food as possible should be consumed. Get ready for the Power Phase by buying in all you need and see it as treating yourself to 3 days of healthy calm. During this phase you start to increase the amount of supplements to aid the cleanse and ensure a healthy balance of bacteria.

Power Phase (7-9)

This is the time that your toxins are eliminated Big Time. No meals are consumed during the power phase. 2/3 Colonic hydrotherapy sessions are advised during this Phase. By consuming nothing but raw, fresh juices for 3 days, the body has a break from normal food. This gives the system the chance to do its own bit of housework, eliminating unwanted microbes, toxins and dangerous pathogens. Even though this part of 12 Days is liquid only, hunger will stay at bay because the natural fibrous agent contained within the SuperAbsorb supplement swells up in the stomach making you feel full. This stage of the Cleanse should be undertaken in a period of relative calm. A weekend, or a quieter patch at work should be ideal. This part of the Cleanse is usually completed from Friday through to Sunday or from Saturday through to Monday ie, when you haven’t got 10 back to back meetings!

Maintenance Phase (Day 10-12)

The Power Phase is complete and the digestive system has been given a full service by eliminating a vast amount of toxic waste, and given your digestive system a full service. Your eyes will be clear and sparkling, your skin glowing, your mind refreshed, and your energy levels increased…feels amazing doesn’t it! This phase reintroduces solid food and should be a gradual process. The first meal should be light, perhaps just fruit and one variety and ideally something in season. Then take it easy regarding food intake.

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