What is the Real Cost of Organic? 


Organic food is oftentimes more expensive than its non-organic equivalent, because the true cost of food isn’t always reflected in the price.  The real cost of cheap store food can be very high indeed ~  for example in ways that contaminate our water, or lead to antibiotic resistance in people!

Where there is a price difference, you are paying for the special care organic farmers place on protecting the environment.

Why Does Organic Cost More? 


What is the Real Price of Organic?


50 the number of tonnes of pesticides used on British farms per annum

43% the amount of British food found to contain pesticide residues by Government testing per annum

98% the amount research suggests that pesticide use would drop in England and Wales if all farming was organic.

50% the percentage of British wildlife that has declined since 1970.

Almost 300 the number of pesticides that can be routinely used in non- organic farming in the UK.

4X more detectable pesticides in non-organic crops when compared to organic crops.

30% more wildlife species found on average on organic farms when compared to non-organic farm

20 the number of pesticides organic farmers can use that are all derived from natural ingredients.

1.3 million tonnes the estimated amount of additional carbon that would be taken up
by the soil if all UK farmland was converted to organic.


Organic food comes from trusted sources.


The fact remains is that any food products labelled as organic must meet a strict set of standards which define what farmers and food manufacturers can and cannot do in its production.  All organic farms and manufacturing companies are inspected at least once a year and the standards for organic food are laid down in European law.

How to get started

Make small changes to your weekly shopping. You could start small with your everyday essentials like milk or tea, or go for a complete organic overhaul – it’s up to you how much you want to get involved.

Have you read our blog: https://www.chrisjamesmindbody.com/organic-september/

Spread the word. Talk to your friends and family about the bene ts of going organic and encourage them to take part too.


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  • Alice Burton-Smith
    Posted at 11:25h, 20 September Reply

    regardless, I still think that the high street charges too much for organic produce.

    • Chris James
      Posted at 11:45h, 20 September Reply

      We hear what you are saying Alice. One way of making it work is to buy in bulk.

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