World Digestive Health Day

Monday 29th May is World Digestive Health Day.


While a disease like Irritable Bowel Disease IBD requires medical treatment, you can manage a wide range of digestive complaints, like IBS, yourself.


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common, chronic disease. IBS occurs in 10-20% of the population in the UK, but prevalence is thought to be higher than this as many people with the disorder do not seek medical advice.  If you often have unexplained diarrhoea and /or constipation accompanied by abdominal pain and stressed mood, you may suffer from IBS, and should contact your GP. IBS diagnosis can be confirmed by exclusion using stools test, blood test and colonoscopy results.


World Digestive Health Day


Taking responsibility

It is difficult to cure IBS from the root. Many patients have to live with IBS and digestive complaints for many years.


An article from the Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists (ARCH) states that “in the era of modern medicine, we are all too quick to abdicate responsibility for our health and wellbeing, assuming there will be a pill that will make us better.”

Empowering Change with a 12 Day Plan

In my book (Penguin) Mind Body Cleanse released on June 1, (next week) I look at how many digestive complaints, such as IBS can be traced directly back to the effects of diet and lifestyle. The book focuses on how we can bring ourselves back into alignment with our natural state of optimal health and wellbeing by adopting lifestyle changes that specifically, focus on the gut.  Mind Body Cleanse explores how patients can become active participants in their own health and recovery.


The easy-to- follow, and transforming 12-Day Plan includes a challenging, enjoyable and highly rewarding combination of fasting diet, yogic exercise and breathing, meditation and a wealth of healing and health-care tips to do at home.


Combined, these will help you to cleanse toxins from your gut, mitigate the effects of stress, become strong, and create peak wholeness and happiness, which can have life- long effects.



Mind Body Cleanse is now available for Pre-order on Amazon.



Mind Body Cleanse is The 12-Day Plan to Heal Your Body and Re-Energise Your Mind.  The book explores mindful eating, vegan nutrition, and how to declutter the mind and the link between the first brains and the gut, lifestyle, fasting, herbs, Yoga, and meditation.


Western medicine usually focuses on the symptoms for IBS patients. Antispasmodics can relieve abdominal pain and cramping and antimotility agents can relieve diarrhoea. Laxatives can relieve constipation and anti-depressants can relieve stressed moods. However, all of these medicines only can release symptoms temporarily and may do more harm than good in the long term.


By simply taking responsibility for our own health, through sensible changes in diet and lifestyle, we can ‘self care’ and live happier, healthier lives without the pills!




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    The book sounds interesting, can I buy it in nottingham…

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