Many people do Yoga to become more flexible and stronger, but the practice is not meant to be competitive with others or yourself. You are not meant to overcome or master the body. Yoga and the Mind Body Cleanse practice is a dialogue with your body.

You start your own practice wherever you are. This means that you accept wherever you are at that particular moment in time. And this includes sickness or injury. When you move with this understanding, you turn on your our rest and relaxation (R&R) response. When the R&R response is activated through the Mind Body Cleanse practice, your stomach, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder secrete acidic and alkaline juices and hormones to promote healthy digestion. Research has shown that the natural balance of healthy bacteria in our guts can be affected positively by this.

With breathing and meditation techniques we can easily trigger the R&R response to give the body a natural state of balance. Through Mind Body Cleanse we can change our focus toward health and connection and instantly begin the process of healing. This is the mind body gut relationship that we want to create.

When we are tuned in and present, when we listen to our gut wisdom, we know exactly how much to eat, which foods will be the most nourishing, and which foods will make us sick.

Our approach is non dogmatic and non judgemental. Unique to these sessions is the focus on digestive health as key to maintaining optimal vitality.

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